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Is Home-Schooling a Good Option for Moms who Work from Home?


Home-Schooling is an enticing option to many mothers who would love to see their kids learn and grow at home along with them. This may not, however, always be a very lucrative situation for moms who work from home. Here are few reasons why:

Can You Commit Enough Time?

Home schooling is like your work-from-home business. It is 24/7 and would need you to commit enough time to educate your kid. Schooling your kid at home includes every small task that is done at a school including exam papers, grading and helping them with projects. Remember, it is not just your interaction with the kid where your time is spent. Even when your child is asleep, you would be working on the "How-Tos" of home schooling to figure out the exam questions, project ideas, etc.

Needless to say, this includes lot of time commitment from the mother. With you having to give similar timeslots to your other important aspects in life, like work and you husband, would you be able to commit enough time?

Is Your Spouse Ready for it?

Juggling your business with your family has always been a tight-rope walk for many work-from-home moms. Adding another dimension to it through home schooling, you should be aware that you might be taxing your over-worked self. In such times, support from your partner makes a huge difference. It is, therefore, important for you to find out if he is ready to take up this challenge and is fully in consent with you on the need for home-schooling.

If your partner isn't ready, recognize the fact that the going might not be easy for you. Putting in some research on to how to manage such situations would help you deal with those moments better. WAHM forums are a good source for the same.

Are You Financially Stable?

Home schooling is a very inexpensive option for educating your child. You save a lot on monthly and annual fees. However, the amount of time you need to spend in there might make you stay away from your work for longer periods than you would anticipate. There are many home-schoolers who have happily given up their jobs to further their children's education. Nevertheless, that decision requires lot of thought on how financially stable you are to do that. Would you be able to manage the household with just your spouse's income? Would you be able to hold on to your financial status by taking up work-from-home jobs which pay less?

Home schooling is a very fulfilling experience for many parents. They have fought against the odds for their children and most do not regret it. However, it is a big decision that ought to be given lot of thought. Above are some of the questions you would need answers to.

Again, a good way to test this is by taking one step at a time. An excellent way to decide if home schooling is for you is to commit yourself to one year of it and analyze the results. If you need more resources for home schooling, you can try some of WAHM forums found here:

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