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Internet Business Opportunity: Web Developer


An Internet business opportunity with limitless potential for growth is that of the web developer. Many companies and individuals create their websites in-house, but most rely on the talents of a web developer.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a software engineer who is directly involved in developing applications for the World Wide Web. Broadly, web development includes any activity related to website development. This can include:

  • web design
  • web content creation
  • e-commerce development
  • coding and scripting
  • configuration of the web server

A web developer's finished product may be a simple, information-only web page, a complex social networking interface or a full-service e-commerce store. 

How is Web Development an Internet Business Opportunity?

Because web development and design are based on technology and computer applications and software, the basic tools necessary to do the job are similar to most home offices. A fast computer, high speed Internet, web development software and knowledge are the three main ingredients. If you already have a degree in web development or possess the skills and experience, your start-up time and costs can be quite low. Furthermore, because the Internet provides many options for interfacing with clients, meetings can largely take place from your home office as well.

How Much Does a Web Developer Make?

A company may employ a team of web developers and some web developers freelance from home. Either way, starting incomes to senior salaries for web developers range from $50,000 to $100,000 per year. As a freelance web developer, you can expect to make somewhere near the median of that range. What makes web development so attractive for a freelancer is that the salary increases keep pace with experience. You can rapidly and dramatically increase your income potential as your skill set increases.

Finding Web Development Jobs

This internet business opportunity is best begun by posting your resume on job boards like and searching for web development projects on freelance websites like  or The advantage of bidding websites is that you can build your business slowly by taking simple jobs. As your skills, confidence and experience increase, you can be more selective about the types of web development jobs you go after. In addition to the many opportunities for finding work, the Internet also provides opportunities to network with other freelance web developers such as the International Web Developers Network ( and to read industry-specific blogs like

If you have the computer skills and the desire to be involved with developing the World Wide Web into the foreseeable future, then consider taking the path of a freelance web developer. With a wide range of skills needed by companies and individuals wanting to create an Internet presence, there is still plenty of room for beginning web developers, as well as seasoned experts, to make a good living working from anywhere.

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