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Improving Productivity while Caring for a New Born

Caring for a newborn doesn't have to mean losing productivity in work.
A woman working while holding a newborn.

Balancing a newborn and a home based business can seem altogether overwhelming, and you may be wondering how you'll keep up with the two; but, you can keep baby happy while improving productivity. Your baby and your business deserve your best, and these tips will help you give that to each of them!

Make Your Home Office Baby Friendly

If you work from a home office, be sure to make it baby friendly by both baby proofing and adding a few of baby's favorite things. Placing a bassinet or playpen close by your desk will keep baby within sight while you accomplish tasks. Many newborns are natural born sleepy heads, so yours may be out most of the time, which can work to your advantage. If your baby is the alert type, you can bring in a couple of toys to indulge her.

If you have the space, consider setting up a TV and VCR or DVD player to keep her entertained. Newborns find simple sights and sounds enchanting, and many toys and videos are available that cater to that. Be sure to have diapers and other necessities near by. A few life savers include swings, exersaucers, play gyms and bouncy seats. You'll never regret making these small investments, as they'll keep baby busy and you can focus on improving productivity.

Let Baby Be the Boss

It may be difficult to adjust to a schedule other than your own, but when baby just doesn't want to cooperate, you may have to give in and work when and where your new boss sees fit! This is when owning the ever so convenient laptop comes in handy. You can work from baby's nursery or anywhere in the house. Aside from taking your work outside of the home office, you may have to make some serious changes to your schedule. Unlike stay at home moms who can take advantage of baby's nap time by catching some Z's themselves, work at home moms often work through that quiet time. You may also find yourself working at odd hours of the night, but it's all about getting the time in where you can.

Recruit Help

Improving productivity with a newborn at your side is much easier with help. Could dad take care of junior when he gets in? Do you have a mommy friend you can swap childcare with? Perhaps a teenager in your neighborhood could lend you a hand a few hours a week. Examine your options, and use them if you feel the need to!

Keep Your Priorities Straight

Remember that your baby is your priority. No job is as important as this precious time with her! If you have to put work on the back burner or take on less for awhile, do so.

Whether you've been mother to a newborn a few times around or you're a first timer, incorporating a new baby into your work schedule takes some getting used to. So be patient! In the meantime, put these tips for improving productivity to work for you and be thankful you have a newborn napping in your office. It won't be long before they're a big kid, running rampant outside of your office as you try to handle an important call...but that is a whole other article!

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