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How WAHMs Cope with Occasional Feelings of Resentment


Many WAHMs have occasional feelings of resentment. Though some may have underlining anger management issues, the feeling is a normal feeling shared by many. Many mothers occasionally struggle with feeling alone, or as if they had to forgo all their personal dreams to stay at home with their kids. Whatever their feelings may be, it is important for WAHMs to learn how to cope with their occasional feelings of resentment, so that they can be a successful mother and a successful home worker.

Losing an Old Career

Many WAHMs feel a little resentful from time to time about not having the luxuries of their old career. Now they must be their own boss, complete all their work and supervise their kids, generally without corporate benefits. Especially if a mom is coming out of a career she immensely enjoyed, she could become bitter if she dwells on the fact that now she is working at home.

To combat this, many WAHMs work in similar careers as the ones they have left, and use the skills to their benefit. If they were to not feel confident in their new career choice, they could write down the things they enjoyed about their old career, and see if these amenities could be added to their home situation. They should set goals for themselves, and give themselves deadlines to keep them working.

It is important for WAHMs to embrace their situation and be thankful for the opportunity to be with their children as they are young. Though working at home can be tough, moms who are able to balance the work/life equation, generally become satisfied.

Dealing with Loneliness

One feeling that is felt by WAHMs and stay at home moms alike, is the feeling of loneliness. Though moms are constantly with their kids, they can be resentful of the fact that there are no other adults with whom they can communicate. 

In order to deal with the loneliness, moms can reach out to other WAHMs in their area. They should schedule a couple of times each week when they can get together and communicate both their struggles and their successes in their businesses. This social interaction can help them combat feelings of loneliness, and the WAHMs can build a support group and lean on each other during tough times.

Dealing with Business

Having kids is a full time job in itself, and having to work at home on top of it can drive a mother to feel a little resentful. It is important for WAHMs to have strong time management skills and to remember to take short breaks periodically throughout the day. It is also wise for them to take an evening off and have a nice bath, read a book, or do something they find enjoyable away from work and the kids. It is also crucial for them to go on date nights with their spouses to keep the romance alive in their marriage. 

Though working at home can be tough, it can also be rewarding. Moms should look through the tough times and focus on the positive.

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