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How to Write a Sales Letter: Copywriting in 8 Steps


Your fabulous new product is ready to be unleashed, and you need a sales letter to send to your distribution list (or for your website landing page) that will translate into revenue. Here are 8 easy steps to a compelling sales letter.

Step 1: Dynamic Headline

Choose a title for your sales letter and then choose a font, font style and font color that will stand out from the rest of your letter. The title should be short, attention grabbing and, if possible, emotionally motivating.

Step 2: Warm Greeting

The opening paragraph of your sales letter should put your target audience at ease. Don't be overly familiar, but use friendly and respectful language that foments a feeling of trust from your reader.

Step 3: Advertising Copy

The body of your sales letter is your advertising copy. Use it to honestly and attractively describe what you are selling. Describe at least 3 features of your product and 3 benefits that your reader can expect to receive if they purchase your product.

Step 4: Address Doubts and Concerns

Many people will not believe your claims or will be afraid to purchase a product from a company they don't have direct experience with. Anticipate and articulate your reader's doubts, and convince them that they can trust you because you are offering a money back guarantee, trial period or a deep discount. Include your contact information, as well, so they know they can contact you with questions about your product.

Step 5: Endorsements

If they are still reading by now, there's a good chance that they're interested, but may still be on the fence, about making an actual purchase. Before launching your product, either find experts in the field or ordinary people to test your product and write testimonials. A positive endorsement lets your reader know that somebody else has tried your product and liked it.

Step 6: Unbeatable Price

Once your reader is convinced that your product will do what it claims to do, tell them the price. But don't just list the dollar amount. State that this is the lowest price for this type of product, that the competition is priced much higher and that this great price won't last forever. Of course, you need to be able to back up any claims you make!

Step 7: Offer a Gift

If the great price wasn't quite enough to convince your reader to take the leap, then surely a free gift or bonus will push them over the edge. Not only are they getting a deal, but something free on top of it.

Step 8: Ask for the Sale

Don't underestimate the importance of asking for the sale. Without being obnoxious, use a big "Buy Now" button or something similar to invite them to take the final step.

Creating an effective sales letter is equal parts marketing and psychology. Use your copywriting skills to convince your readers that they need your product, that the product is effective, guaranteed and provides the best value for their money.

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