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How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note

Using a post interview thank you note can set you apart from your competition and leave a lasting impression.

Although a post interview thank you note is not a required part of an application procedure, it can nonetheless help to make a very good impression on your interviewer. Whether you're applying for school, a job or any other type of process, sending a thank you note after the interview shows that you have continued to think of the position, that you're polite and professional, and that you respect the interviewer and the time that she took to meet with you. Sending a note of this kind is easy and straightforward and can help your application to stand out from among all of the others alongside it.

Step 1: Secure Contact Information in Advance

It's helpful to plan ahead before you finish the interview if you expect that you'd like to write a thank you note as a follow up. Inquire about the mailing address of the office or company that you're interviewing with. Make sure also that you know your interviewer's full name so that you can address the note properly. Get a business card from your interviewer before you leave.

Step 2: Format the Note Appropriately

A post interview thank you note is not only a polite gesture, but a good opportunity for you to show to your interviewer that you're able to put together a professional and appropriate letter. You'll need to take all of the necessary steps to make sure that the letter is properly formatted.

Begin by including the header for the letter. This should feature your name, address, phone number and other contact information at the top left portion of the letter. You may also include a subject for the letter or a recipient as well. In the upper right corner of the letter, include the date that you'll send the letter. Below that, leave a single space, then begin the main portion of your letter. Be sure to begin with a polite greeting and use the proper title as well.

Step 3: Write Thoughtfully and Sincerely

The bulk of your thank you letter does not need to be very long or intricate. In most cases, you'll want to simply thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and express your continued interest in the position that you've applied for. It is also helpful for you to include a point or two about the things that you learned through the interview, or about other things that you've become excited about in regards to the position after having the interview. When you're through with the main body of the letter, read over it and make sure that it has a professional and appropriate tone.

Step 4: Send the Letter Promptly

Do not wait to send the letter. If possible, write your thank you note within the first day or two after completing your interview and send it immediately. This will show that you're proactive and responsible, two qualities which may help you to secure the position.

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