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How to Use Car Decals and Stickers as an Advertising Tool


Are you looking for a unique advertising tool for your business? An advertising tool should be economical and effective at the same time. Such advertising tools are a must if you are planning to have your own home-office business set up. Use car decals and car stickers if you are looking to save costs and enhance advertising results.

Types of Car Decals

There are two types of car decals, namely the ones that cling to the vehicle and the magnetic ones, which can be removed easily.

Benefits of Decals and Stickers

Car decals usually lead to an increased number of leads and orders. It is a cost-effective way to advertise to the masses. This particular approach will benefit your newly launched home-office set up immensely. Car stickers and decals are extremely affordable.

Use car stickers and decals to minimise your advertising expenditure. It is also a convenient way to increase your sales volume. Another important benefit is that vehicles can travel greater distances. It will eventually help your message to reach out to consumers from different regions.

Placement of Car Decals and Stickers

Place the decals either on the back windows or the side windows. The magnetic signs can be attached to the sides of the vehicle on the door. Add your own inputs while sticking the decals and stickers.

You can use car decals and stickers to advertise your business in the following ways:

URL sticker

Use a sticker that specifies your company's website. This will help your consumers to place orders online. This is the most appropriate manner to advertise your company's website, considering the fact that most of the leads are obtained online. It will also help the viewers to recall your company's name. Ensure that you include the correct link to your website.

Slogan and Symbol

Design a customised sticker depicting a catchy slogan for your product. The slogan should be able to highlight your product or service. Get professional help to craft the slogan, if you are uncomfortable with the writing part.

Symbols play a vital role in aiding consumers to recall your product or service. Design an attractive symbol and stick it along with the slogan. This will enable the consumers to identify your product or company easily.

Company Name and Details

Put your company name on the sticker. This is necessary to educate a large number of people about your home- office set up. Check the vehicle advertising guidelines before advertising your company's name on the vehicle. You can also include stickers informing the people about your company's contact details like phone number and address. The technique can prove useful to attract potential partners or clients as well.

Promotional Offers

Promotional offers such as 'buy one and get one free' can be also advertised using car decals and stickers. This is a smart way of informing a large number of people about your promotional activities. It will help you to garner a positive response for the campaign. You can also promote your product features via car magnets.

Think outside the box when it comes to advertising; car decals and stickers are a great way to promote your business!

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