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How to Unplug from Your Digital Life


In an era where things are driven by technology, digital life is part of the everyday routine. Everything is fast-paced and instant. But, sometimes life can be much easier and simpler if people use less technology. A digital sabbatical may be good help in trying to go back a little and live a less complicated life, even for just a few weeks or days if you can. It might be a bit of a sacrifice but it could also be a refreshing change; maybe you'll realize that living a simpler life is the way to go. Here are some simple steps to help you start unplugging yourself from your digital life.


Take some time off; just sit down and reflect on your digital usage. Maybe everything you do involves the usage of a gadget.

Make a List

After reflecting, make a list of your daily routine. Do your mornings start by immediately turning on the television to catch up on the news, looking at your laptop and checking the latest update of people on your social network, or glancing at your cell phone every minute to see if you have a message? You should list as many activities that you do that use technology.

Make Another List

Now here's the fun part.  Make another list--this time things that you have been putting off because it seems that you have no time for them. List down as many as you can, from the simple little things to the bigger dreams you want to accomplish before you die. If you can't think of an activity, try visiting a museum, eat something exotic or travel the world. List them all down.

Try New Activities

The hard part of doing anything is sticking with it. It's easier said than done, but once you start, you are over the biggest hurdle. Take baby steps if you're unsure. If you're jogging or exercising in a gym, turn off your iPod or watch television and talk to the person next to you; maybe you'll meet a new friend.  During mornings, don't turn any laptop or television on yet; just make your coffee and savor it. 

If you haven't started a reading habit yet, then now is the right time. Don't just read the newspapers, but read books; it will not only enhance your imagination but your grammar as well. If unwinding time is in front of a laptop, then change that. Do something from your dream list one at a time. Meet with friends or make a date with your spouse, kids or parents.

It seems ironic that with the technology nowadays, the world has become smaller and people can communicate anywhere in the world. However, the family has become distant from each other as technology keeps them occupied, lessening the time to bond as a basic unit of society. Missing out on other people's lives is far better than missing out on your own family. So, what better time than now to take a step back from your life and reflect on it, and do something about it not just for a digital sabbatical, but to make it more meaningful--more so without the help of technology.

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