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How to Turn Your Freelance Job into a Full-time Job

Here's how to make the transition from freelancer to full-time employee.

As a freelancer, you’ve been able to enjoy working when you want and choosing jobs based on how they fit into your family’s schedule. While you have a few freelance clients, there’s one in particular that you would like to work for on a more full-time basis. But how can you make that transition? Here’s how to turn your freelance job into a full-time job.

Find out if there are full-time opportunities

It may seem obvious, but your client is not going to know that you’re looking to transition to a full-time employee unless you tell him so. So after you’ve submitted a project that your client particularly loved, take advantage of that opportunity to let him know how much you enjoy working for him and how you’d love to be considered for full-time employment, if a position becomes available.

Specialize your skills

Although you’ve been touting yourself simply as a writer, it might be a good idea to become more specific if you’re looking to become a full-timer. You can accomplish this by learning new skills that your client may be looking for in a full-time worker, or by taking on projects that will help you become a niche employee.


If you want a full-time gig, you’ll need to beat out any other potential candidates, including other freelancers who might currently be working for the company, too. The easiest way to do this is to go above and beyond what your client asks for. If he wants a project completed in two weeks, you can deliver it in a week and a half. Offer to work extra hours (without complaining, that is), and if the company is local, volunteer to come into the office once in a while. Having an actual person to connect to the great work you’re creating can mean all the difference in getting hired for a full-time position.

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