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How to Throw Scrapbooking Parties for a Profit


When you decide to become a work at home mom it can be overwhelming trying to find a business that you enjoy and can earn a living doing. Scrapbooking parties are one option that you may find fun and profitable, if you learn to host them right. It's one thing to get together with friends and scrapbook; it's quite another to throw a scrapbooking party to make money. There are steps you can take to start utilizing your creative ideas to bring in the cash today.

Step 1: Create Your Business Identity

Before you begin to throw scrapbooking parties for the purpose of earning money, you need to get into the mind frame of scrapbooking as a business rather than a hobby. First, you will need to develop a business name and take the necessary steps of forming a legal business in your local area. This may include applying for a business license or opening a business bank account, ordering business cards and accumulating an inventory. It's helpful to make a list of things that are vital to starting a business.

Step 2: Create a Calendar and Contact List

When you start a scrapbooking business, you will need to have a calendar of scrapbooking parties set up at least a month in advance. You will need to decide on the location of the scrapbooking parties; will they all be at the same location or will they be in potential customer homes? You will also need to develop a solid list of potential customers. When you have customers, you can begin to advertise your party dates and request referrals. A business of any type that stays stagnate, with no new potential customers, will not survive.

Step 3: Charge a Party Fee

One way to bring in income from scrapbooking parties is to charge a fee for the parties. This may be difficult to begin doing, but remember you are selling your expertise and providing most of the party materials. You can order your scrapbooking products for a fraction of the retail price when you order from wholesaler providers. Ordering bulk and wholesale will allow you to keep an inventory and provide your party customers the fun stuff needed to create scrapbook pages.

Step 4: Provide Products

Another way to earn income from scrapbooking parties is to have inventory available to sell at the parties. You can sell everything from albums, pages, special papers, stamps and stickers to special scissors and cutouts. Remember to charge enough for products so that you are making money but not over charging.

Step 5: Sell Your Services

In addition to hosting scrapbooking parties for money, you can charge for putting together scrapbook albums or pages for your customers. Selling your creative ideas is a great way to make your business successful and have fun while you work. Teaching others how to scrapbook is also a lucrative way to sell your services. Have plenty of sample pages available and plan on teaching as part of your money making potential.

Scrapbooking parties for a profit are entirely possible with the proper planning and experience. You will need to convert your thinking from a hobby to business in order to build long term success.

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