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How to Teach Your Children to Lead a Spiritual Life


Leading a spiritual life is something that is important to many people. Regardless of how spiritual you are, it can help to guide you and focus your attention toward self-improvement and happiness. Because of this, many people work hard to involve their children in their spirituality and to otherwise encourage them to lead a spiritual life as well. Read on for a few guidelines on how to teach your children to lead a spiritual life so that they can reap the benefits.

Step 1: Lead by Example

One of the best ways to demonstrate the benefits that maintaining a spiritual element of your life can bring is to show your children by example in your own life. Do your best to remain dedicated to your spirituality, regardless of how it is manifested from day to day. Show your children how it is incorporated into your daily life and tell them about how you became spiritual and what it means to you everyday.

Step 2: Talk with Your Children and Answer Questions

Beginning at an early age with age-appropriate materials and topics, discuss spirituality with your children. You need not try to force them to state their own beliefs or feelings on the matter, but it's good to let them know that spirituality exists and that there are ways that it can help your life, even when you're quite young. Be prepared also to have your children ask a lot of questions, whether about your personal spirituality, your family's history with spirituality, or any number of other topics. Do your best to answer these questions without brushing them off.

Step 3: Provide Access

While many children choose to follow in their parents' footsteps when it comes to their spiritual beliefs, others will prefer to go their own way. In order to provide your child with the best path for him, it's important that you provide him with knowledge and the opportunity to explore other spiritual paths. You need not try to force him down any particular path, but having the knowledge of the other options that are available will help your child to eventually make the decision that is best for him.

Step 4: Don't Give Up

Many parents find that children are simply unable to make decisions about spirituality. Because each person develops and matures at a different rate, some children will be better able to deal with the intricacies of spiritual beliefs earlier than others. However, don't give up hope in your child; many adults will credit their own spiritual development that happened later in life to the open, inviting upbringing that they enjoyed as a child.

For more information about how to become involved with spiritual groups in your community, consult with those groups directly.

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