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How to Teach Kids Spanish at Home


There's a lot of study material available both online and at your local library to help you teach kids Spanish at home. You won't even have to pay a tutor to teach your children the basics. Being bilingual has many advantages. It comes in handy when your kids start job hunting and it gives them an edge over other job applicants.

Teaching Your Kids Spanish

You need to first head to your neighborhood library and pick up a few CDs and books that offer you basic instructions that are ideal for beginners. CDs are a better option because your child will be able to grasp the phonetics. They also keep your children engaged. Most compact discs offer a few games or quizzes that make the lesson interesting. Books that offer you beginner's courses in Spanish are important because your kid will learn to read and write by referring to them.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you don't have access to your local library, simply research on the Internet to find websites that offer you free Spanish courses. You may have to become a member to avail of these courses. Some websites may also require you to pay a small membership fee. Start by teaching your kids the basics including the alphabets, numbers and how to tell the time. Then teach them common phrases, objects and things.

After your kids grasp the basics, you will have to start teaching them how to conjugate a few verbs so that they can make simple phrases on their own. You should also learn to speak the language yourself so that you can practice what you've learned with your kids. Once you've learned the basics, it may be a good idea to call a tutor to increase your knowledge of Spanish.  

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