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How to Take Your Marketing Ideas to the Next Level


Developing your marketing ideas and formulating a marketing campaign often takes a lot of guesswork at first. Once you get started, you'll get more concrete data about your customers, web traffic and other information that can help you take your marketing ideas to the next level. Here's how to build upon the information you have:

Step 1: Spend Money

You may have started out by using marketing ideas that cost nothing to implement, but you'll have to spend some money to take those ideas to the next level. For example, paying for banner ads on established websites with good web traffic may be one option to consider. You may have to pay for a web designer to give your website a makeover to make it look more professional. Paying for a small and limited pay-per-click advertising campaign may not be a bad idea. Create a budget for low-cost marketing ideas that you may have been unable to implement to date.

Step 2: Strengthen Your Brand

It may take you a few months in business, before you really wrap your mind around what your brand is. Sometimes your brand looks very different months into the business than what it was when you first launched. All of your online and local activities need to reflect your new and improved brand. You may have to revise marketing materials or create new ones as a result.

Step 3: Launch a New Product or Service

A new product or service can grow your business, but it can also be an opportunity to market your business. Press releases, media coverage and product giveaways create a buzz around your business. You'll gain new leads and customer inquiries from people who have never heard about you before the launch.

Step 4: Improve Your Emails

Email marketing is one of best methods of marketing. Customers respond more to effective email marketing than many other forms of promotions. Taking your marketing ideas to the next level, means doing what you can to improve the rate that customers open your emails and click on you call to action link. Some tips to use include making emails relevant to the audience, offering quality content, and presenting offers and promotions that are too good to refuse.

Step 5: Get Better with Social Media

If you're not already using social media, then getting started is a simple way to go to the next level of marketing. The big ones that you should be active on are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. If you're already using these social media channels, then it's time to expand your presence and build your brand. Post more videos, plan content that will go viral to add more followers and fans, and revise your profile to incorporate your improved brand identity as well as SEO writing.

These steps should help take your marketing ideas to the next level. Each requires you to spend some money, but it's a business expense that you have to budget for.  Keep your expenses as low as you can, to make a profit.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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