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How to Take Great Looking Photos for Your Home Baking Business


To advertise your home baking business, you might need to take photos for your portfolio, displays or website. A good photo of food should appear tasty and neat. Unfortunately, obtaining both of these aspects in a single photo of a baked item can be difficult. Below is advice on taking good photos of your baked goods that will properly display your talents.

Make It Bright

Baked goods appear best in crisp, white light and preferably natural light. Make sure that the area you are using for your photos has adequate natural lighting or, if natural lighting is not available, has adequate white lighting. Colored lights, even soft white lights, may make white frosting or other parts of the baked good seem dingy or gray.

Keep It Simple

The majority of the photos in your portfolio should be of relatively simple work. Simple cakes or baked goods with clean lines will look neatly made in a photograph. Neatly presented baked goods look tastier than messy ones. This neatness, therefore, will create the feeling that the item is tasty. Neat photos also demonstrate professionalism, which is a always beneficial for business owners.

If you want to display an intricately decorated or other complex item, consider taking a photo of only a portion of it, preferably the portion that displays only the aspect you want to showcase. If, for example, you want to show your ability to create a spun-sugar flower, take a close-up photo of only the flower and not the larger piece it adorns.

Make Multiples

If you are creating portfolio pictures from scratch and not from items made for previous customers, consider baking more than one of each treat. You might find that one piece looks better to the naked eye than the other, which may create better photos. Even if both items appear equally attractive, it is still best to take photos of each. One may photograph better or look better close-up than the other.

Remove Excess Decorations

Before taking your photographs, remove any decorative items on the table or plate. These items will distract from the baked item and may make the photo look cluttered. Cluttered photos of baked goods can often appear unappetizing. Flowers, photos or candles will draw attention to the presentation of the baked item and not the item itself. Because your business is a baking business, your photos should focus on the baked good.

This does not mean, however, that you should not have an interesting backdrop for your photos. A decorative background will assist in showcasing the treat without adding any decoration to the item itself. Additionally, if you offer special stands or plates for your baked items, these can be included in the photos. Cake stands or other bases rarely look pretty when photographed alone. Try to incorporate these items in your photos. This will cut down on the number of photos you need to take and permit you to display the add-ons you offer.

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