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6 Strategies for Achieving Your Goals as a WAHM

Here are the keys to sticking to your goals. Whether your goals are business related or personal, adhering to a couple (or all!) of these ideas will get you closer than ever to your desired result.

Finding realistic goals for your business can be challenging, but sticking with your goals can be even harder. Life is full of distractions and it's so easy to keep your eye on the prize when life intrudes. These tips can help you stick to your goals so that you can build your business and be as successful as possible.

Break your goals down into easy steps. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the large picture, break it down to small bite-sized pieces. It's much easier to take several small bites than to eat the whole pie at once. Every time you reach a small goal, that sense of accomplishment you feel will encourage you to keep going.

Tell someone else your goals. By telling a friend or co-worker your goals, you create a sense of accountability to stick to them. It can be embarrassing to admit to a friend that you gave up on your goals, and that may be enough to keep you on track.

See yourself reaching your goal. Close your eyes and picture yourself accomplishing your goals. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just as long as you can see yourself at that point. Maybe your goal is to have one new client by the end of the month. Picture yourself meeting that future client on Skype and closing the deal.

Act now rather than later. With so many life events grabbing at your attention, it can be easy to put things off. In reality, every time you put off working towards your goal, it will be harder to work towards it tomorrow. Even if you just take a small step today, keep moving forward or you may look back and realize you have lost weeks that you could have been using to reach your desired result.

Just do it. Stop thinking about needing to do it and just do whatever you need to stick with your goals. The more you do something, like make calls to possible clients or post relevant blog posts, the more it will become a daily habit and not something extra that you have to do. You'll be surprised at how quickly an activity can become second nature.

Look at how far you've come. When it seems like you aren’t getting anywhere, take a few minutes and look back to where you started. You will be amazed at how far you've actually come when you look at the big picture and not just the small steps you're taking. Looking back will give you the motivation to keep moving forward to your bigger goals.

Sticking to your goals can be hard, especially if you are relying on willpower to force yourself to work towards them each day. Instead, schedule the tasks that you need to do, and make new habits to get you through to your goals.

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