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How to Stay Productive during Your Pregnancy


To stay productive while working from your home office is a huge challenge. Staying productive at your home office while managing the discomfort and fatigue of pregnancy is nearly impossible. However, there are some simple strategies you can adopt to help you stay on task during your pregnancy.

Make Yourself Comfortable

With each trimester of pregnancy, your discomfort level increases. By the third trimester, it seems like no matter how you move your body, you can't find a comfortable position. It is essential that your work environment provides the comfort you need to have an efficient and fulfilling work day.

Try padding your chair with pillows and adding a step stool for extra support. Adjust the temperature of your home office to suit your needs. Use your breaks as an opportunity to change positions. Stretch in between tasks. Do a few yoga exercises to recharge your body. Do anything you need to do to ensure that you are as physically comfortable as you can be under the circumstances.

Take Things Step-by-Step

Pregnancy affects your ability to focus and concentrate. Therefore, attempting a big project that includes many steps is liable to give you a huge headache. The trick is to break your big project down into a number of small projects that can be completed in a short amount of time. Divide your work day into 45 minute or hour increments, and aim to accomplish one task in a given time period. Fragmenting your day like this will allow you to make headway on your work without getting overwhelmed by the big picture. Taking breaks between each task allows you time to regroup and mentally prepare for the work ahead. 

Nourish Your Body

Nurturing a baby takes a lot out of you - quite literally. Your baby is relying on you to supply him with everything he needs. It is essential that you consume a healthy diet that will provide you with the energy you and your baby both need.

Stay hydrated; make sure you keep a bottle of water at your work station at all times.  Keep a selection of healthy snacks at hand, so you can nibble during the day. A well-balanced diet is the best defense against fatigue and will increase your productivity. 

Rest When You Can

When you're pregnant, it doesn't matter how much you sleep during night, by the time you get to your morning break, you're exhausted. In order to keep up with your to-do-list and not fall behind at work, take advantage of every spare moment, and rest when the opportunity presents itself. Power naps work wonders. Leave your office space and lie on the couch for 15 minutes. Take a quick snooze after lunch before getting back to work.  Just a little bit of rest will energize you, and prepare you to deal with your next task. 

Give Yourself a Break

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally trying time. It's impossible to think you're going to be able to keep the same pace that you did before your pregnancy. Of course, you want to produce quality work. But, you may need to make some accommodations in order to do so.  Take an extra day to finish an assignment if needed. 

Remember, after the baby is born, you'll have plenty of time to take over the corporate world. Right now, your most important job is caring for yourself and your unborn baby.

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