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How to Show Up on Search Engines with SEO Article Writing


When you want something that you have written to get found by as many people as possible, it is important to use SEO article writing to get that article found easily. With search engine optimization, you can create a piece of work that search engines are more likely to find and to rank for specific terms. This process is regularly used by web writers who want their work found by the right people--those people who are searching for the words that describe the subject matter of the article.

Using Keywords in SEO Article Writing

The use of keywords is something that is the backbone of SEO article writing. Keywords are the way that search engines will find the article and make it appear whenever someone types in one of those words into the search engine. The term "keyword" does not specifically mean just one word, however. A keyword can be a phrase of any length or even a full sentence. Whatever term you are targeting should be as close as possible to something that people will type into a search engine. 

Using the keywords should be done often throughout the article, but not too often to dilute the content of it. In the past, using a high number of keywords per article, such as using the same keyword eight to 10 times within a single 400-word article, was the norm. Now, however, the emphasis is more on using the keyword among other similar keywords rather than using the keyword so many times. This allows the search engines to pick up the article for several different terms, and it does not create a bad reader experience. 

Keeping the Article the Right Length

When placing any article online for search engine consideration, it should be long enough to "tell" a search engine that there is information contained on the page without making it so long that it isn't the bite-sized piece of information that people are looking for. The best guideline for SEO article writing is to make it at least 250 words, but not to go over about 800 words. If it runs longer, consider editing it down or placing it on two or three different pages. This will attract search engine attention to multiple pages and keep the text from being overwhelming to the reader. 

Submitting the Article

If you want your article to be found by a search engine, it first has to be published online. This can be done in a number of ways, even if you don't own a website. You can submit the article to existing websites that publish freelance work. You can also start your own blog and post it there. Some article writers start their own niche websites and populate them with one article per page, creating a larger website that attracts a lot of search engine attention. Another way to get the articles published is to submit them to article directories. These sites are free to use, and they accept any well-written article that fits the sites' length and content guidelines.

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