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How to Set Up a Wireless Router for Your Home Office


Wireless networking can be established at your home office by setting up a wireless router. The process of setting up a wireless router for your home office is an easy task once you know what you're doing. Follow the below steps to get your wireless network up and working in no time:

Obtain the Proper Equipment

Ensure that you have the requisite equipment to start off before you begin any set-up. The basic requirement would be a working broadband Internet connection. Assuming that you would have it, the other equipments to consider is a wireless-ready laptop and the router installation disc. One would often require configuring the wireless settings in the laptop to enable it. Ensure the configuration is done beforehand.

Again, a wireless router would include an installation disc that needs to be installed after the physical set-up is done. This disc would be a part of your wireless router package.

Disconnect the Power Cable or DSL Modem

If you have power connected to your cable or modem at the time of setting up, then unplug it. This is a simple task and involves removing the power plug connecting to the back of your modem. If you have it plugged with a router, make certain that it is unplugged from the router as well.

Connect Your Computer to the Wireless Router

Once the power is removed, remove the Ethernet cable connecting your computer and cable from the cable port and insert in to the one of the ports of the router. Connect it with the port that is NOT named as WAN or Internet. Do not remove the other end currently connecting to your computer.

Connect Your Cable to the Wireless Router

The next step to set up wireless network is connecting the cable or DSL modem with the router. This can be done by simply plugging the two together with a cable. Take the Ethernet cable given in the wireless router pack and connect (on end of it) to any of the cable's free port.

Take the other end of the Ethernet cable and connect it to the port on the wireless router named WAN/Internet. This step ensures that the Internet connection flows between the cables to the wireless router.

Power the Router

The above steps establish the basic configurations and the router is now ready to switch on. Plug the power back in to cable and wait for about 30 seconds. This will allow the cable to switch on the Internet. Do not turn on the wireless router before that. After about 30 seconds, switch on the power of the router. Once the LED on the router blinks fluorescent, one can be sure that the wireless network is on.

The last step includes installing the wireless router disc in to your laptop. To avoid any complications, it is recommended to buy a router manufactured by the same company as your broadband connection.

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