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How to Set Up a Home-Based Call Center


A home based call center is an excellent option for those who want to work from home. Setting up a home based call center is not hard. All you need is a space completely dedicated to your call center office, a multi-line phone system, a computer and comfortable office furniture.

Designate Your Office Space

Before you can do anything else, you will need to designate your office space that you will use for the home based call center. For those who do not have an extra room in the home, you can use a small corner of a room, as long as the area will be quiet during the hours you choose to work.

Set up Your Phone System

Rather than investing in a multi-line phone system, consider using a virtual PBX system or a Skype Business account. A virtual PBX will let you have the convenience of a multi-line phone system, without having to purchase and install costly equipment. A Skype Business account will allow you to purchase multiple numbers and use them as needed for your business. Shop around to find the best deal, taking into consideration not only the monthly fees, but whether or not your existing phone will work with it (and what features are included).

Set up Your Computer

If you do not have a completely separate computer for the business, things may get complicated. Having a completely separate computer will help with the home business tax deduction and help you keep things straight. Let the kids and husband play on and use one computer, while you use the other only for business purposes. If you cannot afford to invest in a completely new system, try getting a netbook or building your own desktop system. If you have to share a computer for a short time (until business picks up), be sure you have the appropriate safeguards in place to protect files and back up data (in case something happens to the computer system).

Select Your Office Furniture

For your comfort and health, the office furniture you select should be ergonomic. Make sure you have a nice desk chair that swivels to allow for easy movement between the computer and files. The chair should also have an adjustable height to accommodate your needs. Consider getting a filing cabinet to ensure you have an organized method of keeping up with important papers and information about clients. If there is no filing cabinet, make sure to have something in place to organize all the paperwork. Don't forget to select a good quality headset as well.

As a work from home call center agent, you may be able to work for more than one company to maximize earning potential and payday frequencies. You may even be fortunate enough to land a position with a company as an employee rather than an independent contractor. This would entail set hours, but it would also provide a regular paycheck and benefits, without having to deal with the hassle of being self employed.

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