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How to Recognize Speech Problems in Children


Speech problems in children are common and can often be reversed with speech therapy. It is important to recognize speech problems early so that they don't become habitual and harder to correct. Speech disorders deal with the sound coming out of our mouth and can stem from a variety of causes. There are some ways that you as a parent can recognize any problems.

Speech Delay

Be aware of speech milestones for your child's age group. These milestones are based on the average performance of children across America and let you know whether your child is on track, behind or ahead of schedule. Many parents may notice speech delays in their children based on these milestones. Take notice of delays in other areas which may indicate something more serious. Often children have speech delays due to immaturity, but it is always better to have them checked out by a professional who can eliminate more serious problems such as hearing loss, intellectual problems, autism or a processing disorder.


Interaction is the most effective tool in recognizing speech problems in children. Start at birth by talking and cooing at your baby. As the child grows, he will recognize your face and emotions and respond to them. Eventually your child will turn those sounds into words and begin to communicate more effectively with you. You can teach your child new words and work on saying old words more effectively.

By interacting with them, you will be more aware of their habits and can identify a problem in their speech. Always notify a professional if you notice your child has had any losses in his speech or communication skills.

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