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How to Put Together a Parent Support System


Parent support systems help alleviate the trouble of juggling work and family for most women. These are groups they can turn to during stressful situations, to communicate with other women, or even find assistance with babysitting.

In support systems, the learning opportunity is a broad spectrum. Get ideas from women who have experienced similar issues, and conversely, you will be able to give tips in areas you are already familiar. Through this support system, you can gain affirmation in your role as a parent, and achieve confidence in yourself and your decisions. These groups will help you realize that you are not alone in the roller coaster universe of parenthood.

Look to Your Friends

Friends, apart from family, are the nearest people to turn to. The confidence you have with each other is already established, so it would be less difficult to ask for help and gain acceptance. Thus, concentrating on your other tasks will be easier since you are certain that your child is with the right people. Also, you will be more comfortable in sharing your problems, and your friend would also be more willing to give sound and honest advises. Communication between each other will be done with ease.

Join Forums Online

Social networks, blogs and the like are convenient ways to find assistance, and it is available to you 24/7. You can find a plethora of parental support systems online. Enter forums which directly or indirectly address your issues at hand, and in the same manner, post advice to assist other women. Help build each other's confidence and solve issues with women in the same situation. Through these sites and forums, you will also be able to find a list of support groups near your area. The scope of these forums and websites is worldwide. With a broader audience, the chance to get better understanding of issues is possible.

Join Community Groups

The easiest way to find a support group is to join an established one. Find individuals whose concerns are similar to yours. Learn tips on their parenting styles, which you could apply to yourself. Attend seminars that could enhance your knowledge as a parent, and listen to women who are experiencing the same troubles. You can also give out your own advice on how to raise kids. By merging your ideas, you will be able to help each other grow and be confident as parents. Not only will you attain more knowledge on parenthood, at the same time, extend your network of WAHMs and gain new friends.

Network with Other WAHMS

If you cannot find people or groups which cater to your needs, by all means, start one yourself. The best way to begin is to locate WAHMs within your area who also need support. Spread the word through school newsletters or post it online through social networks and blogs.

More Things to Ponder Over

Parent support systems are not a one size fits all. You may want to look for a group that describes your specific situation. Also, take note of the certain hazards you can encounter with joining groups. Do not accept help from just anyone. It is a common mistake for people needing help to overlook the "red flags" of someone who wants to rescue them. Even though you are in dire need of help, still be cautious. If you have carefully developed your new network of friends, (whether online or in person) most likely you now have the people who can encourage and aid you. This is the purpose of a parent support system: to help you succeed and develop a healthy family.

Learn from parents who have already been there, and share your experiences with new members. Remember to have fun. This is an exciting time in your life, and you will want to enjoy every moment.

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