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How to Pursue Feature Article Writing on Websites and Blogs


If you're good with words, feature article writing can become a steady source of income. The Internet provides a wide variety of options for those who want to become writers, although you might need to work your way up to feature article writing.

Getting Started

If you're new to the world of writing, you'll have to work your way up. While feature article writing for websites and blogs can pay well, the competition to land a spot with a reputable company is fierce. Well-established magazines like Cosmopolitan and Prevention have an online presence and many accept freelance submissions, but wowing an editor will require not only a killer query letter, but also proof that you can actually deliver. For most editors, this means clips (previously published articles).

Content mill is a term used to describe companies that produce a large amount of written work for little money and on a large scale. As a writer for a content mill, you'll be writing short pieces (usually under 500 words) on a variety of topics. While some research might be involved, you're not aiming to win any awards for your writing. Companies such as Demand Studios, Associated Content and Break Studios all hire writers for this type of work and can provide you with a good start to build a portfolio.

Finding Better-Paying Work

Once you're ready to make the jump to better-paying markets, the key is to learn how to research. Blogger Jobs and Problogger both offer well-paid blogging gigs, where you'll likely be required to sign on for the long term. These are ongoing writing opportunities: you'll have to produce feature articles daily or weekly. The benefit? You get a guaranteed amount every month and don't need to go hunting for new jobs every day.

Another way to find work is to subscribe to newsletter and websites that provide listings. WAHM itself is a good source of job opportunities. You can visit opportunities and tips on where to go by visiting the WAHMs Who Write section of the forum. Places like Funds For Writers and Freelance Writing Gigs also allow you to search for new jobs on a daily basis.

Applying for Work

Depending on what type of job you're applying for, you might need to send in a resume or a work sample. If you're working for a specific publication, as opposed to a content producer website, you might need to query the place. Studying past issues of the magazine (search their online archives) will provide you with a good idea of what they publish and what style they're looking for. Then you can come up with a unique idea and approach the editor for a possible feature.

Writing for the Internet is a lot different than writing for print markets, and you should familiarize yourself with the tone and style before jumping into it. Shorter, catchy phrases, lots of easy-to-read text and bulleted lists are the norms. Even for feature articles, the tone tends to be more conversational and less uptight than you would find in magazines and newspapers.   

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