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How to Protect Your Teen from Internet Predators


Children surfing the net may look like a day to day scene in most of the households today, but what most parents don't realize is that along with their favorite movies the children are also discussing their personal details with Internet predators on the web. Details such as age, phone number and address are observed by strangers who may exploit these details sooner or later.

Cyber Predators

These strangers are also known as cyber predators. What do they do? Let's simply say they can do just about anything right from victimizing teenagers to harassing them. Since the time social networking sites have taken the internet by storm, everyday thousands and thousands of youngsters register to connect with peers. It's not only considered cool, but also a way to keep in touch and play games. These sites contain a bit too much of information about youngsters, their whereabouts and even contain their pictures.

Monitor Teen Blogging

Teen blogging is also a very popular activity and poses the same threats as social networking, as youngsters post all their thoughts, views and ideas freely, not realizing that someone may be monitoring every move of theirs.

Many times parents don't know what their children are up to, in such a case the predator is benefitted as the parent has no control over the child. Also some parents know what all their children do, and are very cool about it, as they feel that their children are old enough to manage their lives. Parents need to know what exactly their children do on the web, what all accounts they have, their passwords and so on.

The cyber world gives children a false security. When they're using their computers, they feel safe and feel like everyone they interact with, is their friend. Cyber predators start from the internet and then gradually move to phones and so on. That is how they enter children's lives gradually.

What can Parents Do?

First of all, today's parents need to know every minute detail about the child's internet habits. They also need to familiarize with technology and its disadvantages.

The webcam is one such gadget that can be considered as risky if used without supervision.

Today even cameras are unsafe as photos can be clicked and posted on websites within minutes. The same is applicable to mobile phones, which have internet services as well as built in cameras.

Certain websites guarantee that the content posted will be accessible only to selected persons, however there are too many loopholes and hence the information doesn't remain private.

Keeping all this in mind and the thing that matters the most is communication. If there exists a healthy relationship between the parent and the child, the child will confide the smallest of issues to the parent. This will prevent any kind problems and protect the child against the dangerous cyber predators.

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