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How to Promote Yourself as a Skin Care Consultant


Being a skin consultant can be a very satisfying job if you enjoy helping people to have clear, beautiful skin. In order to ensure that your skin care consulting business succeeds, you will need to promote yourself to draw in clients. Following these steps may help you achieve the success you desire as a skin consultant.

Step 1: Collect Testimonials and Pictures

Possibly the most powerful marketing tools you can use in skin care consulting are pictures accompanied by testimonials. People want to see actual results from real people, not unsupported claims. To start your business off and get testimonials and pictures, try offering skin care consulting for free or for a substantial discount in exchange for these things. Family or friends are a great place to start; just make sure you're tactful in offering your services. Take high quality (and well lit) before and after pictures so people can see the difference you've made.

Step 2: Market Online

Start your own website and a blog to begin drawing in web traffic. Your website should contain the testimonials and pictures, and your blog should be on a topic related to your business; for example, it could review skin care products. You should make sure your website is optimized for search engines to capture as much attention as possible. Also, consider purchasing PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements on search engines so that your website appears whenever anyone searches for "skin consulting" or something similar.

You should also consider joining websites and forums which are devoted to beauty and skin care. Many people join sites in hopes of finding acne elimination and prevention products and techniques, so you should make sure your voice is heard on these sites. For a start, try joining:



These are all websites where people go to find help for bad skin, so you can target a huge relevant demographic by advertising on these sites. Make sure you're not obnoxious in your advertising, as simply posting a link to your website can count as spam. Try offering helpful information and having your website link in your signature so people can find you if they believe you were helpful. This will help you network and build connections, as well as increase interest in your service.

Step 3: Advertise Locally

You can get a lot of customers by offering free, quick consultations and selling products or more in-depth consultations at conventions and the like. Or, you might try renting a space at the mall instead, depending on the cost of doing so and the money you can expect to make. You could even go door to door in your neighborhood with product samples. Consider your options for local advertising and choose the method which suits you best.

Networking online and advertising locally are both good ways to begin building a client base. Most importantly, though, make sure you have pictures of the results people can expect by using you as their consultant.

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