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How to Promote Your Technical Writing Business


A technical writing business can be a great job for a stay-at-home mom or anyone who wants to choose their hours and work from home. Being a technical writer does require multiple talents, such as the ability to accurately verbalize information (and you must have knowledge of the subject on which you are writing). Furthermore, you must have some knowledge of advertising so you can promote yourself and get clients. Following these steps can help you with the advertising aspect, so you can devote your talents to writing.

Step 1: Build a Resume

When people are looking for technical writers, they want to see an impressive resume of work already completed, as well as writing samples. If you are just starting your technical writing business, you can list any education you have, but more importantly, you should have samples of your work. If you haven't had any clients yet, try creating a technical document for an imaginary product. A short user guide for an item of your choice will work to give potential clients an idea of your ability. To begin building a resume as well as a sample, offer your services at a discount to local companies. You can also ask them for testimonials once the job is completed.

Step 2: Create a Website

Having your own website gives you a place to host your resume and portfolio, allows potential clients to find you more easily and lends your business professionalism and credibility. Some places to host your own build-it-yourself website are:



If you decide to use any of these, make sure you pay for a package which allows you to have your own custom URL (and which eliminates advertisements).

You can also pay a webmaster to design and host your site for you, though this can be a very expensive service depending on whom you choose. Freelance designers are often less expensive than design companies.

In any case, your website should make it easy for people to find your list of services, resume, portfolio and contact information.

Step 3: Advertise Online

You can advertise your business online in several different ways. You should optimize your website for search engines with SEO content and pay for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to help drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

Especially if you're just starting out, you ought to actively seek work, not just let clients come to you. Some websites you should frequent and network on are:



Making your presence known on these networking sites can help you advertise yourself and bring in business.

Step 4: Look for Jobs Locally

Businesses within your community may have need of technical writers for pamphlets and other jobs. Visit local businesses and offer your services to see if they would be interested in hiring you on a per-job basis for any available work.

Following these steps can help you promote yourself as a technical writer to find as much work as possible and be successful.

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