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How to Promote Your Tax Preparation Business


Promoting your tax preparation business is easier than you might think. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are certain things you can do to promote your business that will work well. Your customers cannot find you if you do not advertise in every way you can possibly think of. If enough people see your promotions, your business will be a successful venture or even become a family run business for generations to come. In the following paragraphs, you will find several proven techniques of how to promote for a profitable and successful tax preparation business.


The more you get your name and face out there the more business you will draw.

Apply for a Business License

This is very important for your own tax purposes and it let your prospective clients know you are serious.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

This is an excellent form of advertising, as they will help you promote by allowing you to leave flyers and business cards in their offices. There are several benefits to joining the chamber so check with the ones in your area for more information.

Business Cards

There are places you can go on line to purchase very nice, inexpensive business cards so keep a handful with you at all times. Pass your business cards out to everyone you know and present your card at the end of a meeting. You can also go to different businesses in your town and ask if you can leave some cards on their checkout counters.

Flyers and Brochures

If you have a computer and printer, you can make your own flyers for your business. You can mail these flyers out to other businesses in your area, you can pass them out at different stores or post them on bulletin boards.


Newspaper advertising is one of the best ways to get your name out there. The fees vary depending on where you live but when you consider how many tax payers will be looking at their daily or weekly newspaper, it is worth the small cost. A lot of people read the paper on a daily bases; that is a daily opportunity you have to come into someone's home and remind them they need to get their taxes filed.

Community Paper

The smaller surrounding communities of any large metropolitan city usually have their own weekly papers. In some areas, these communities' papers have more subscribers than the big city papers. These papers are great places to advertise your tax preparation business.

Telephone Book

Depending on where you live, this form of promoting is somewhat pricy until you consider how many people have a phone and use a telephone book. This form of advertising even reaches those people who do not have access to the Internet.


These days almost everyone has a computer in his or her homes with Internet access; if they do not, they know someone who does. If all else fails, a person can even go to the local library and surf the Internet for one hour free. If you are computer savvy, you can build your own tax preparation webpage and advertise on the web. Add to that your own dot com and you have a business that will reach clients worldwide. 

There can never be too much advertising, even word of mouth will drum you up some business but by promoting your business using some of the above methods and you business will grow and be profitable for many years.

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