How to Promote Your Sewing Business


Properly promoting your sewing business is a key step in helping ensure its success. Without promotions, you will not be able to find new customers and grow your business. On the other hand, strong promotions in the right area can be instrumental in drumming up more business than you can keep up with. Here is a step-by-step instructional on how to start promoting your new sewing business.

Step 1 - Create Marketing and Promotional Tools

Before your business is underway, you should be thinking about how to promote your business with tools such as flyers and business cards. You should have a business logo that is consistent on all your marketing materials. Create flyers and business cards with this logo along with all your pertinent contact information. On the flyer, consider placing a deal or coupon for customers to get people in the door and using your services.

Step 2 - Create a Website

In today's age, having a website is an important aspect of any business. Potential customers search online for products and services and having a website is imperative. Hire someone to create a simple website outlining your services and costs, or create one yourself. There are many web-based and user friendly website creation programs that allow people with little computer know-how to create professional looking websites. If you do not have the budget to hire a professional developer and designer, consider putting together a basic website on your own.

Step 3 - Market Your Website

There are many places online where you can market your website to get you more business. Consider signing up for Yahoo! Local, Google Maps and Yelp to have your business listed in their business listings and bring in more potential customers. Also, search for sewing forums and communities online that you can contribute to with your expertise. By doing this, you can establish yourself as an authority online which will help to bring more business to you.

Step 4 - Place Ads in Your Local Newspaper

Take out an advertisement in your local newspaper advertising your services. Place either a display advertisement or a classified advertisement depending on your budget. Most newspaper classified sections have "Services" areas which would be a nice inexpensive way to post an ad for potential clients.

Step 5 - Target Word of Mouth Advertising

Ask for recommendations from your clients. It is often helpful to give your satisfied clients extra business cards or flyers to give to their friends that may be interested in your services. Have your clients write testimonials for display on your website, or offer some discount for writing reviews on Google Maps, Yahoo! Local or Yelp. By having positive reviews online, people will notice your business and be more likely to use your services than if you have no reviews.

Step 6 - Get Involved in the Community

Word of mouth advertising works even better when you are involved in the community. This could include joining a sewing group in your area to meet other people interested in sewing and get the word out about your business. Also, you should target any sewing or fabric shops in your area with flyers and business cards, as well as talk to the people that work there to let them know about your business and get a buzz started in their community.

By following these 6 steps, you can successfully market and promote your sewing business to ensure its growth in the marketplace. Be creative, think outside the box and work on getting your business out there for people to see.

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