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How to Promote Your Rubber Stamp Business


Rubber stamping is a hot craft now, and all the accessories available make a rubber stamp business a great one for a work-at-home mom. How can your promote your rubber stamp business?

Begin Locally

Begin close to home. Contact local media: would the local newspaper consider writing an article featuring your business? Try contacting local bloggers and websites; they may write profiles of local businesses as well. Local television stations are another option for publicity. They may have a "weekly business profile" that could feature your rubber stamp business.

Media isn't your only option for local promotion of your business. Participate in local craft fairs, often held at schools, churches and other community buildings. For a fee, you can purchase table space at a craft fair and sell your rubber stamping creations directly to customers. Put some time into creating an eye-catching display for your goods - purchase fabric to drape the table, and use boxes beneath the fabric to create various heights to display your items on.

Be sure to have business cards available for potential customers to take away from your display. The cards should list your business name, logo, website and contact information.

Another local option is to visit craft stores and see if they would consider selling your work. Alternatively, you might offer to teach stamping classes at these stores. This is a great way to start some word of mouth advertising about your business.

Advertise Online

Your first step in promoting your rubber stamp business online should be to start a website for your business. You have some options here. You can create a website through, a selling community of various types of crafters and artists.  Etsy allows you your own page on which to show photos of your creations, shipping information and other news about you and your company.

You may prefer your own website. You can start one free through a blogging template such as or Or, if you prefer a website with your business name as the url, you can purchase a domain through sites such as or

Spend time creating a memorable website, since it is your virtual storefront. Take quality photos of your products. List shipping costs clearly, as well as customer testimonials, guarantees (if available), quantity discounts, frequently asked questions, etc. Imagine you are a customer at your site and think of the questions you might want to have answered.

Promote Your Business

Now that you're online, promote your business. Join a few online rubber stamping forums, post frequently, and establish yourself as a stamping expert. Check the rules for your forum to be sure, but most sites will allow you to list your business name in your signature line, thereby sending potential customers to your internet store.

So many people are interested in rubber stamping and rubber stamped products now that with just a little ingenuity, your rubber stamp business will be swimming in customers before you know it.


Susan Braun is a freelance writer living with her husband, three daughters, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils and hedgehog in Indiana.  She writes at and Associated Content.

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