How to Promote Your Realty Business


The realty business can be quite a challenge, especially in a bad economy. Therefore, it's vital to learn to promote your realty business in the most effective and productive ways. In a field where time is money, wasting your time is not an option.

Develop a Niche

In order to promote yourself effectively in right markets, you need to decide on a niche. There are two broad categories: residential and commercial. Residential is selling private homes. Commercial is selling businesses. These two categories can then be further dissected, but it is important to at least find a direction for your marketing.

Develop Your Brand

Real estate promotion relies heavily on having a brand. You won't be able to market yourself without the traditional business card with a picture on it. Along with business cards, you should have a business letterhead and flyers.

Find and Attend Meetings

Being a realtor requires availability at all hours for all kinds of activities. Find local meetings to attend to promote your real estate business. You should be looking for chamber of commerce, neighborhood association and other leads and needs groups.

These meetings and groups are places where you can take your promotional materials to distribute. You can also use these places as forums for introducing and discussing your business and specialties. This will lead to contacts and potential clients.

Contact Title and Mortgage Companies

The purpose of contacting title and mortgage companies is to get your name out there among businesses that can help promote you. Likewise, you can help by promoting their businesses as well. These contacts are valuable resources and can send potential clients to you.

Use the Internet

Having a presence on the Internet is a necessity, not a luxury. The very basic promotional method is to have a simple website that lists your contact information and your services. Even better is to have an interactive website designed to your specific niche. Your current listings should be included. Be sure to answer emails promptly.

Along with a comprehensive website, you should be utilizing the Internet in other ways to promote your real estate business. For instance, write a newsletter. A newsletter is one way to keep current clients up-to-date and to find new clients. You can include your listings, as well as tips on selling homes, etc.

Write a daily blog that includes updates on sales and listings. Include links to mortgage companies or other relevant companies. 

Register on all social and business networking sites. LinkedIn is a great site for gathering business and clientele contacts. Utilize the groups available that are specific to real estate sales.

Outdoor Marketing

In the realty business, you have to get your picture and name out in the public view as much as possible. Taking advantage of outdoor marketing venues can help tremendously. Billboard ads, bench ads and real estate magazine ads are some good starts.

There are many other ways to promote your real estate business; the key is to think creatively. Attend various community events, hand out pencils, magnets and talk to people. Eventually, word of mouth will get you further than you thought possible.

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