How to Promote Your Quilting Business


It is easy to start a quilting business from home or a small shop if you have the required skills. This is an example of turning your hobby into a business. If you have just started a quilting business from home, you will be looking for ways to increase the number of your customers.

Use the 'Net

Use the Internet to advertise your quilts. Get a well designed site that displays the various designs that you have on offer. Make sure that the site is easy to navigate. Have sections such as contemporary, traditional, ethnic, silk, and so on. This will help potential buyers know that you offer a wide range of quilts and also help them zero in on what they want. Make sure that you state the price clearly and tell them that shipping costs are extra. Include a pay button on the site so that your customers can pay you when they are placing the order.

Word of Mouth

Leave word with friends, neighbors, relatives that you have started a quilting business. Ask them to spread the word around. Also ask them to buy quilts from you when they are considering making purchases of gifts. If your quilts are good, you will soon have many people flocking to your door for them.

Approach Large Stores

Approach large home furnishing stores and ask them if they will display your quilts. Be willing to get paid for the quilts only after they are sold. Again, if the quality of your quilts matches the quality of the other products the store stocks, they will be willing to display your products for free or a small fee.

Advertise in Local Papers

Use local papers to advertise your quilts. Ask people who write newsletters to feature your products for a fee. Use your community hall message board to advertise your wares. Send out flyers in your neighborhood. All these methods will help you garner more customers.

Use Your Online Network

If you are a member of an online group, tell them about your new business venture and ask the fellow members to buy their quilts from you. Become a member of more online organizations, especially the business networking ones. Many people search for contacts through them.

New Houses

New houses being built will require a lot of new furnishing. Contact the owners of new homes and ask them if they require quilts. They will most probably want at least a few. Make it a point to keep in touch with the local real estate agent for information about new neighbors in your locality.

If you try all these methods of promoting your quilting business you will soon have enough orders to keep you busy for a long time. Devote at least one hour a day to market your products and the rest to making the quilts. You will soon be raking in the cash.

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