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How to Promote Your MCAT Tutoring Business


The next step after setting up your MCAT tutoring business is to promote it in the right way, to the right audience and at the right time. This includes both offline and online promoting. Below are the tips on how to go about promoting your MCAT tutoring business in alignment with your ambitions:

Create a Website

Promoting online starts with a website or an online presence. This can be in the form of blog as well; however, a website gives you the flexibility to share plenty of information in a more organized manner. Your website can act as an excellent promotion tool for you by posting essential information about your MCAT tutoring services.  

Create a Prospectus

A prospectus for your MCAT tutoring, listing down the courses and other information like a catalog, is a great way to compress information for your potential students. A prospectus will come handy to you both offline and online. For online promotion, post the prospectus on your website for students to download for free. Mailing lists can be used to promote your business through this prospectus. However, take care not to spam the receivers.  

Distribute Prospectus at Colleges

A prospectus would come in handy in print, as well, and will help you advertise and reach out to your students in actuality. Distribute these flyers at colleges and schools, where your prospective clients are lurking. School nights and other events present a wonderful opportunity to meet your prospective customers, and offer them your prospectus.

Set Up a Blog

Your customers spend hours a day reading blogging and hence, blogging for your business will help you reach out to them faster. Blog about useful tips and tricks that you know about to help students fare better. Sharing this information on blogs will get you a good following, and some of these followers could convert into being your students.

Ask Others to Blog About You

You would benefit immensely if other bloggers start blogging about you. This would also mean that you post consistently on your website. A post or two on your blog should be enough to entice the search engines to crawl to your blog. Once there is enough content, tie up with other bloggers with similar interests to blog about you. This would mean a bit of social networking that would help you build bonds online. Again, you can also hire some bloggers to do the advertising on your blogs.

Social Networking

It is crucial to become involved in social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Technorati, etc., where like-minded people share ideas and views. Another good place to network with people to promote your business is MCAT forums. Be sure to include a signature with your website URL.

Promotions often take time and the greatest mistake that business owners commit is leaving it midway. A good planned out advertising campaign will definitely win you customers for your MCAT tutoring business.

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