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How to Promote Your Math Tutoring Business


Having your own math tutoring business can be a great opportunity if you enjoy teaching. Unlike teachers, math tutors are in demand all year round. It's even possible to be a math tutor online, if you prefer teaching in pajamas and with a big cup of coffee at hand. However, tutoring is only a profitable venture if you can find students to tutor. Following these steps will help you draw interest to your tutoring business to bring you all the students you have time for.

Step 1: Make a Website

Nowadays, a nice website is an essential part of any business venture. If your strengths don't lie in coding or design, invest in the services of a web designer to help you. The point of your website is to make sure people can find you and contact you to set up lessons. In order to make sure you're easily found, you want to be at or near the top of search engine rankings whenever people type in relevant keywords. Your web designer should make sure to use meta tags when setting up your website (if you don't know what they are, that's alright; just make sure your webmaster does). Good meta tags to use would be 'math,' 'tutor,' 'tutoring,' 'teaching,' 'help,' 'teacher,' as well as the general area in which you live.

Step 2: Promote Your Website

In addition to meta tags, you can help give your website a boost on search engines by having lots of content with keywords in the first few sentences. This type of content is known as SEO (search engine optimization), and can be provided by many freelance writers. Try hiring writers to produce short articles on definitions of math terms and how to perform certain math calculations. For example, if someone were to type 'how to find the area of a circle' into a search engine, you would want your website to come up. At the bottom of the article, you could have "Need Math Help? Click Here!" with a link to your main website. This way, your tutoring business gets promoted to people who have found your site because they need help with math.

Step 3: Advertise Locally

If you're starting any kind of tutoring business, you should visit local schools and ask to speak with counselors. School counselors get students and parents all the time asking where to find tutors. Present yourself and your services in a friendly and professional manner, and leave your business card with your website URL on it. Hopefully, the counselors will send you referrals the next time someone asks where they can find math help.

Your math tutoring business has a much greater chance to grow if you offer online tutoring services in addition to or instead of at-home tutoring. You can reach a large client base this way, instead of only people who live in your area. Follow these tips to promote your math business, whether local or online, and you'll be sure to capture plenty of attention to help your business grow.

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