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How to Promote Your Home Baking Business


So you love to bake; the question now is how do you promote your home baking business and turn that passion into income. If your known around town as the baking queen, your well on your way. First thing's first, you have to get the word out and get everyone involved. From now on, everyone you meet, every where you go has to be seen as a potential client.

Use a Magnetic Vehicle Sign

Magnetic Vehicle signs are a good way to advertise and promote your home baking business. A 12 inch by 37 inch custom magnet will cost under $50.00. With this type of advertising, you turn your car into a moving billboard. One thing to keep in mind when designing a magnetic vehicle sign is to keep the message short, clear and to the point. Consider that you want other drivers to immediately be able to see your business name, phone number and website address. Use contrasting colors for background and lettering, and try to avoid hard to read font.

Soccer Mom Opportunity

Turn your soccer mom commitment into an advertising opportunity. One of the hardest things to do is to pitch a sale; however, a business card and a cookie would get anyone's attention. How many kids are on the team? And let's not forget the coach and their assistants. That's how many cookies you need to take to the next practice.

Grandmas Bridge Club

Don't forget grandma's bridge club. This can be a great opportunity to share your talent, and promote your business at the same time. Bake a fabulous cake the girls can share, while grandma brags about your baking skills.

Donate at Church Functions

A church bake sale is another way to give and receive. Donate your baked goods for a good cause, and ask to display a colorful banner promoting your home baking business at your booth or table. Don't forget your business cards.

Kids School and Networking

Kids school functions are a great place to network. Join the PTA and get involved in school bake sales. Sometimes you can share a portion of your profit with the school; it's a win, win situation.

Launch a Website

Get a website up and running as soon as possible. Make sure you have designed your site to attract and engage your target audience. Images of your product, tastefully displayed, will make the website visitor feel like their peeking through your bakery window. Take advantage of all the low cost advertising ideas offered by well known search engines.

Try Consignment

Talk to your local coffee shop or the corner market, because sometimes these places will let you put your product in their establishment on consignment. Make sure your product is labeled with your company name, phone number and web address. And always make sure you service the location (never allow your product to make a bad impression on a client).

Cater to Local Offices

Offer your baked goods to local offices. A small freebie will get you in the door, and from there you can cater their meetings, parties and corporate events.

What a wonderful way to earn a living, satisfying one of the most enjoyable senses. Once you've mastered your baking skills, advertising this product will be as easy as pie. However, keeping the kids from eating the profit may take some doing.

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