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How to Promote Your Greeting Card Company


A greeting card company is a good home business idea. After all, Americans purchase over 7 billion cards annually. You have the skills to create unique and beautiful cards; now, how can you promote them?

Start Locally

A greeting card business is ideal for starting locally. Show your cards to friends and relatives; in addition to being potential customers, they can also give you valuable feedback regarding what they like about your cards and how you can improve them.

Branch out to local bazaars and craft fairs. You can usually rent space at these fairly reasonably. Set up an attractive display of your cards, using draped fabric and other props. Have several cards ready for purchase and offer to take orders for customized cards as well.

Create a business card with your company's name, website and a distinguishing logo. You will want to have these available for potential customers to take so that they will remember your company.

Use the Media

Local media are another way to promote your business. Does your local newspaper have a features section? If so, contact the editor and tell her about your business. They may write an article about your cards, which would be wonderful free advertising.

Similarly, contact local radio and television stations and ask if they ever do features on local businesses. You may score an interview!

Head Online

The online world opens up your business to potential customers all over the world. The Internet's reach is huge, and it's a must for marketing your greeting card company.

Your first step should be to start a website for your company. Use or to set up a website free, or if you'd prefer to purchase your own domain, try or

Spend some time creating a memorable website. After all, this is your "storefront" to all the potential customers that wander past. Make the site a place you would enjoy visiting. Take (or hire a professional to take) excellent photos of your work and post those on the site. Have information readily available on pricing, shipping costs, testimonials from customers, information about your business, etc.

A niche you may want to explore is personalized cards. Although many specialized cards are available at "big box" stores, many others are not. Mention your willingness to design a card for a specific purpose (congratulations on your new chihuahua, happy 67th birthday, etc).

Don't Forget Etsy is an online marketplace for artists of all types. You may want to start a shop at etsy, perhaps as an alternative to having your own website. Etsy gives you a platform to sell from, and the fees are reasonable. Keep the same tips for etsy as you would for your own website: clear photos, readily-found information, etc.

Use Social Networking Sites

Don't forget Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites when you're promoting your greeting card business. Millions of people browse these sites daily, and a post or tweet about your business may be just the nudge they need to check out your creations further.

The options for promoting your own business today are vast and easily accessible. Good luck as you grow your greeting card business!


Susan Braun is a freelance writer living with her husband, three daughters, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils and hedgehog in Indiana.  She writes at and Associated Content.

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