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How to Promote Your Floral Design Business


If you recently started a new floral design business, or if you have been at it for awhile, it's important to promote your business for success. There are many ways to do this that are fun and effective. Start with simple ideas and build from there. You will be surprised how a small effort will bring big rewards.

Create an Internet Presence

The number one thing to do to promote your floral design business is to make sure you have an Internet presence. There are several ways to do this. The first thing is to create your own website. In today's business world, a business website is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

There are many sites that will guide you in designing and building your website if you want to be cost effective. There are also reasonably priced website designers who will do it for you. You may even be able to barter. Your website should include all the vital information that potential customers might want to know: business name, address, contact information, specialty, prices, etc.

You can also use the Internet to register on one or all of the social networking sites. Some ideas are FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, orkut and others. Create an online newsletter or blog that will allow customers to keep up with your current specials or new designs.

Utilize Other Businesses

Go into the community and find other small businesses that will be willing to promote your business for you. Offer to do small centerpieces for a local diner if they display your business information. Contact local hotels and offer them a bargain price for floral art design for their lobby in exchange for the referrals of their guests. Approach wedding specialty shops and ask to be part of their floral portfolio. There are plenty of ways to partner with other businesses when you think outside the box.

Use Your Current Customers to Gain New Customers

Offer to give discounts to customers who refer new customers to you. Provide the flowers for a customer's party for free, and leave your contact information at the party for potential customers. Send small bouquets to current customers for their birthday. They will love the personal touch and will boost your business tremendously by word of mouth promotion.

Share the Wealth

Promote your business by teaching classes. Approach the local community center or churches or schools. Offer a simple floral design class at a reduced rate to their members. Hold a contest for class members with a free bouquet to the most creative member. You can even build on this promotional idea by offering an advanced class.

Deliver one bouquet or arrangement per week to the local hospital for them to use at their discretion. Attach your business information and offer a discount to hospital employees.

No matter where you go or what you are doing, always carry your business cards and flyers with you so you can give them to everyone you meet. Building relationships is part of what you need to do to build a solid customer base.

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