How to Promote Your Coupon Business


Promoting your coupon business may seem a bit difficult to do; especially if you are a small start up business. Many businesses struggle when promoting themselves online and offline. The traditional way to promote a business has been using offline methods. Today, online promotion is becoming more important; this is true for local businesses as well as regional and national businesses. You will be happy to know that online promotions are often less expensive than advertising in local newspapers and other offline methods. In order for your website to be found by the online world, it must get links and rank in the popular search engines to drive traffic to it (the more traffic, the more potential clients).

If you are having difficulty promoting your coupon business, here are cost effective ways to promote your coupon business online.

Advertise Online

Advertising yourself to many companies is a good start. This could cost you a lot of money offline, so if you do not have the budget, start by distributing your information to free local on line directories. Even if you do not have a website, your telephone number, address and hours of operation can be posted for free.

Get a Coupon Website

Setting up your own coupon website will be of great help to your coupon business. As with any other business, websites are useful to entrepreneurs and business owners since more and more people rely on the Internet to look for items; that includes those in business marketing departments looking for coupon providers.


In a weak economy, more consumers rely on coupons to make purchases. You can use this as leverage to get companies to buy or order coupons from you. They will be able to use these coupons as a marketing tool for their companies. This will increase their profits and yours as well.

Offer Promo Codes

Aside from the regular coupons, you can offer promo code software to your clients. Having promo code software will enable businesses to integrate the coupons into their online shopping. Since more and more people are buying online, you can help them get the discounts they want; your coupon business will definitely flourish if you offer promo code software installation to other online businesses. You can research how to do this yourself, or ask your webmaster to do it for you.

Advertise in the Yellow Pages

Many people still look in the offline yellow pages when looking for something. Putting your business in the yellow pages may be good start, but it is considered by many to be quite pricey. You will have more coverage locally if your Internet site does the work for you online.

Online Yellow Pages

Registering your coupon business with the online yellow pages is a good way to market your business. Do not fail to do this; people no longer scour the regular yellow pages as frequently, but instead go online to search..

SEO Articles

Search Engine Optimization is a good, organic marketing strategy. Use keywords such as coupon shop, or coupon business in the articles you write and distribute to online article directories. Write articles that demonstrate the value of using coupons and establish your expertise in the field. Articles should not be overtly promotional, but rather be written from an informational perspective. Article directories will permit you to have a link to your website in your author resource box. This will help to drive more traffic to your coupon website.

To find the best keywords, you can look use Google's online keyword tool and search for keywords that are related to coupons. Use these keywords in your articles and for the content on your website. Once your SEO articles are published, search engines will start ranking your website higher because of the number of links (in your articles listed in the directories) that are pointing to it. This should result in more traffic to your site; however, in order to get visitors to take action, you will need a website that makes sense and does not cause them to click quickly away.

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