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How to Network with Clients while Home with the Kids


Part of working from home is to build a network with clients. As a WAHM, you may find it more difficult to build these networking opportunities because you also must care for and nurture your child.

Network During Naptime

Set up Internet meetings during naptime to give yourself a chance to focus. As some children sometimes have nightmares, be wary about inviting anyone over, however if your child has always been a sound sleeper, you may be able to bend this rule occasionally.  Stay focused at your meeting to make sure you cover everything that needs to be covered before you little one wakes up.                                                                             

Network with Other WAHMs

Though you may not be marketing to WAHMs, by reaching out to them, you may be able to work something out such as an alternating schedule for meeting clients. When it is your turn to meet clients, your "alternate" mom can be watching the kids and visa versa.

You may also be able to help out other WAHMs by referring customers to their businesses through referrals and asking them to do the same for you. Also look for forums, blogs and websites about your business online, and see if there are other WAHMs who would like to correspond with you (and use the WAHM site to network and engage in forums).

If you are marketing to WAHMs, they will be the first to understand how difficult networking can be for you and will not be offended (or annoyed) if your child interrupts you.

Network on the Phone or through Email

If at all possible, do most of your networking on the phone or through email. This will give you the opportunity to still network, while not being afraid of being interrupted in the middle of a business meeting.

It is still advisable to make your phone calls during a quieter time of the day, such as naptime or later in the evening. If you do need to make a call during a "noisy" part of the day, make it brief and clear.

Also, look online at job boards to give you new leads for additional customers, or join an online group who will direct customers to you.

Hire a Babysitter or a "Mother's Helper"

If you consistently need to network during the busier parts of your day, hire a babysitter or a mother's helper to come in for 2-3 hours a day and help with your kids. This will help you meet with your clients, without having to worry about interruptions and without having to worry about your kids being in any danger. This can also be a fun and rewarding experience for your kids as they will have "someone else to play with" for awhile.

Whenever you must meet with a client or network with them, remember to remain friendly while keeping your meetings short and simple. By managing your network time, you will relieve the stress of having to work and watch your kids simultaneously.

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