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How to Make the Most of Working from Home

Learn how to take advantage of your work at home lifestyle with these tips.
Happy mom with daughter.

After what seemed like eons, you finally landed a work-at-home job that you really like. But if you’re stuck at your desk from 9-5 day in and day out, you’re not truly taking advantage of all that your work-from-home job has to offer. Here’s how to make the most of working from home.

Volunteer at Your Child’s School

Chances are, having kids greatly factored into your decision to find a remote job. So it makes sense that your children should sometimes be a part of your workday, too. You can sign up to be a Class Mom, a Secret Reader, or even help out when the PTO needs extra hands during the bake sale. Being able to steal away for a few hours and help out, either at your child’s school or directly in the classroom, will not only allow help refresh your brain, but it will also allow you to make memories for years to come.

Take a Class

Let’s say that you have been contemplating going back to school to complete your degree for months now. Or maybe you just have a keen interest in pottery. Taking a class, especially during your lunch hour, can become a fun distraction. And if you decide to go back to school, you’ll be making a solid investment in your career that will benefit both you and your family for years to come.

Get Physical.

Maybe the idea of schlepping to a gym during regular work hours when you worked in an office wasn’t too appealing. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get in some exercise after you drop the kiddos off at the bus stop (or if you’re an early riser, before they even wake up). Since telecommuting can be known to pack on the pounds if you’re not careful, it’s important to carve out the time to exercise. Not only will you burn extra calories, but it’s a great stress reducer, too.

It’s a wonderful thing when moms can find meaningful work—and work-life balance—in their work-from-home jobs. And while it’s important to stick to a routine most of the time so you don’t wind up working extra hours (and thus losing the benefits of a flexible schedule), it’s good to take advantage of your work-at-home status to do the things that will make you a more relaxed worker, and a more present, happier working mother, too.

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