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How to Make Spiritual Development an Important Part of Your Household


Making the decision to be a work at home mom is never easy, especially when keeping the balance between your personal care, your work load, and your family life becomes a challenge. One way you can create and maintain some balance is to learn and practice spiritual development within your home. 

Understanding Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is not the same as religion, although there can be some fuzzy lines and cross over for some people. Spirituality is more of a way of being in the world and is often how values are defined or clarified. When you have children and you work from home, it becomes all the more important to know what your values are and to be a great role model; your children will be regularly exposed to your work practices and environment. There are several ways you can work to define and practice spiritual development each day in your home.

Step 1: Do Unto Others

One basic tenet to spiritual development is the old adage "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". When you treat your clients or customers in a respectful and courteous manner, your children will notice and will learn how to treat others. The same principle applies in how you treat family members as well. It's hard to expect your children to be respectful when they don't see or get respect. Respect for yourself and others is a cornerstone of spirituality.

Step 2: Count Your Blessings

One of the best ways to develop spirituality in your home is to make a conscious effort to count your blessings each day. There are many ways to incorporate activities that allow the whole family to realize blessings and be thankful. For instance, you can start a dinner time tradition of giving each family member the opportunity to state what they are grateful for at the beginning of the meal. Or, you can teach your children how to start and maintain a blessings journal; be sure to do one for yourself as well. This provides the opportunity to think positively.

Step 3: Encourage Kind Behavior

Another way to enhance spiritual development is to recognize and encourage the type of behavior that is kind and loving. Be specific in identifying the behaviors you want to see more of. Using general statements like 'great job' can become meaningless and ineffective when used too often. Giving more specific praise like, 'I like how you let your sister go first', allows children the opportunity to choose positive behaviors more often.

Step 4: Serve Your Community

Finding an important cause to support in your own community is one way you can create spiritual development together as a family. Volunteering to serve meals to the homeless or deliver meals to the homebound, for instance, reinforces and encompasses the other elements of spiritual development as well. Serving and helping others feels good too and creates a great foundation for life long spiritual awareness.

Of course, attending a community church or gathering on a regular basis can also benefit the spiritual development of your family. There are many ways you can be creative and reinforce spirituality in your family.

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