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How to Make Creative Graduation Party Centerpieces


It is fun to create your own graduation party centerpieces by using a little creativity, a little time and a little love. The centerpieces can be anything from pictures of the graduate to balloons to flowers and beyond. Have fun with it, and tailor the centerpieces to the guest of honor's special interests (or the specially selected theme of the party). 

Picture This

A photo puzzle of the graduate scattered in the center of the table amid graduation confetti is a fun start to the festivities. Local photo shops offer this photo option. Award a special prize to the table who finishes the puzzle first. 

For the high school grad, frame a school picture from each year, kindergarten through junior year, in small frames and arrange them on the table around the senior year picture. Sprinkle graduation confetti, flowers or seashells around the pictures, depending on the party theme.  

Flower Power

Make a mortarboard vase using a columnar glass vase. Wrap the vase in thin black craft foam and secure it. Cut a square of black craft foam and glue a tassel off to one side. Cut a hole in the center of the square and fit it around the top of the vase. Now, fill the vase with the graduate's favorite flowers.

Cookie Bouquet

Make sugar cookies using your favorite recipe. Use graduation-themed cookie cutters and decorate appropriately. One the icing is dry, wrap each cookie in a cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon. Hang each one from an ornament or garden hook and arrange cookies in a vase, bouquet-style. An alternative display option is to bake cookies with a stick inserted into the edge of each one, wrap them in a cellophane bag, and arrange them in a vase.

Balloons Galore

A bouquet of helium-filled balloons makes a great and simple centerpiece. Choose graduation themed balloons plus a few representing the school colors. Use a balloon weight or secure them to a framed picture of the graduate.

Diplomas All Around

Roll good quality paper or parchment into tubes and tie it with ribbon representing the school colors. Pile the "diplomas" or arrange them in an over-sized clear vase in the center of the table. A unique touch would be to print a "thank you" message to the guests on the scrolled diploma; leave enough for each guest to take one home. Sprinkle graduation confetti around the arrangement for extra sparkle. 

Cupcake Tree

Make graduation themed cupcakes to fill store-bought cupcake trees for a special centerpiece. Bake your favorite flavor cupcake and frost. Decorate with a "mortarboard". Here is a simple decorating idea: invert an unwrapped miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on the top of the cupcake, top it with an unwrapped Ghirardelli Chocolate Square held in place with a dab of frosting, and fashion a tassel out of Twizzlers. This edible centerpiece is fun and delicious.

Graduation, whether from pre-school or college, is a magical time and deserves special recognition and decorations. Be creative and have fun with it. 

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