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How to Make Cold Calling More Bearable


Contacting people you don't know for the purpose of introducing your product or service to them can be a nerve-wracking part of your marketing strategy, to say the least.  Nonetheless, if the success of your business depends on you seeking out retailers or potential customers, then you're simply going to have to find a way around the unpleasantness of cold calling. While cold calling might never be described as "fun," you can certainly make the experience easier to get through.

Stay Conversational

Many people hate the thought of coming across like they're reading a sales pitch script, and that sort of approach is not very appealing to the person on the other end of the phone, either. Think of this as a regular business-related phone call (because it is!) and keep the tone light and conversational. That doesn't mean you can just wander off topic, though. Do keep at least a set of bullet points in front of you to keep you on track and to help you find your place if you lose your train of thought.

Change Your Surroundings

While your desk in your office may seem like the most obvious place to do your work, take advantage of the fact that cold-calling doesn't have to be done in any specific location.  Providing that the noise level is reasonable, you could be out by the pool, in the park, or wherever else you happen to find yourself. You could even choose a different place to go for each cold calling session, and enjoy picking a place to go next time. Knowing that your "cold calling time" is also your "relaxing outside time" can help you dread it less.

Create a Rewards System

Never underestimate the power of bribing yourself. Setting up a system of deadlines and rewards can have amazing effects on your attitude toward any task. If you tell yourself that you'll take off early and go see a movie if you finish 20 calls before 4:00, you might surprise yourself with how efficiently you get those calls made. The rewards system isn't about how many "yes" or "no" responses you get; it's simply about getting through your cold calling list consistently, with a minimum of procrastination. You can turn the entire process into a very worthwhile game - the better the rewards, the more calls you are likely to make; the more calls you make, the better you'll get at cold calling, and the more positive outcomes you'll have.

Be Prepared to Laugh

If you are truly hating the process of cold calling, it comes across in your voice, no matter how much you think you are hiding it.  If you make an effort to joke around with people, not only will it put them at ease and make them want to continue talking to you, but after a while, you'll genuinely start to feel like you're having fun. 

As a bonus, you'll come across as confident and relaxed, which will only increase your chances of getting that all-important "yes" at the end of the call.

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