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How to Know It's Time to Start Potty Training Your Toddler


Knowing when to start potty training your toddler is part of the battle of toilet training. Knowing when your child is ready to begin training, however, can make or break your training success. Each child is different, and as such the indications of when your child is ready to begin toilet training may be different than another child's. Additionally, the time when your child is ready to begin training may be earlier or later than for other children his age. Here are some clues to help you know when it's time to start potty training your toddler:

There's Potty Talk

If your child talks about the potty, whether it be to ask questions, state that another child is using the potty or just makes general referrals to the potty, it might be time to start training. A child's comments about the potty indicate that he recognizes that it is used by people and is not just an object in the house. Take advantage of your child's words to begin discussing the potty and what it is used for. Putting your child immediately on the potty might be frightening, but talking about it will put him on the path to start training.

Another Baby's on the Way

If your toddler is at least a year and a half and you've got another baby on the way, it's time to start potty training. Realistically, this training will help you because you will only need to change one diaper. More so, however, it is time to start training your child to take advantage of becoming an older sibling. An impending baby and the change to becoming an older sibling can be taught through potty training.

Your Child Asks

Believe it or not, many times children will ask to use the potty. They might want to sit on it fully clothed, but they are at least interested in doing what their parents do. Asking to use the potty can also come in the form of their knowing that another child uses the potty and their becoming interested in doing the same. If your child asks about using the potty, no matter how much in passing, it's time to consider beginning training.

Your Child Hates Being Wet

A child who insists his diaper be changed every time it is wet is probably ready to start potty training. Discomfort can be a large motivation tool; if your child complains every time he is wet, start talking to him about the potty and how it eliminates the need to have a wet diaper. Hating being wet indicates that your child may be ready to listen to his body to tell him when he needs to use the bathroom.

No Nighttime Accidents

A child that stays dry throughout the night is most likely ready to start training. Not releasing the bladder during the nighttime indicates that it is mature and developed enough to be held for a period of time until near a toilet. If your child is not urinating in his diaper for at least two weeks, consider beginning toilet training.

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