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How to Keep Your Spirits Up when Searching for Jobs


If you let it get to you, searching for jobs can be a laborious drudgery, causing stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, bouts of anger, and binge eating--all very bad things. So how do you counter the blue funk that fruitless job searching can bring? How can you kick the bad mood without completely giving up? Staying positive in the job hunt is one of the toughest yet most necessary life-skills of a work at home mom. Here are some tips for the journey.

Be Hopeful

Ah. You knew that was going to be one of the injunctions, didn't you? Some command to be happy or hopeful or optimistic or something. It's true. Keeping a sense of optimism and anticipation goes a long way. While it's not necessary to dig deep and find an untapped well of unending joy, it does help to keep a bit of hopefulness that you'll eventually find something. You will! Keep hopeful, and that will go a long way in keeping your spirits up, too.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Unless you're looking forward, you'll be looking down--and probably feeling pretty down in the process. When you're engaged in a tough job search, set things to look forward to. For example, tell yourself that if you keep searching for three days (even if you haven't found something), you'll treat yourself. Keep it small, but keep something on the horizon that helps you move forward with a sense of anticipation.

Have a Brainstorming Session

Could you be missing out on something in your search? Maybe, but maybe not. Either way, a brainstorming session and job search strategy time might be just what you need. Close the door, keep the kids with a friend, grab a cup of coffee, and start writing down your thoughts. What are other opportunities you could explore or venues you haven't tried? What work-at-home business could you start?

Plan to Celebrate

One way to keep the spirits high is to plan for a big celebration when you finally land a job. Think big. When you get a job, plan to go out to eat, invite some friends, have a cookout, or go to a theme park. Celebrate! You've met your goal, and that deserves some fun. Besides, it helps you keep the spark of motivation and a sense of anticipation as you put your nose back to the grindstone

Do Something Different

The drudgery of the job search can be mind-numbing. Looking up and taking a breath of fresh air can help clear the senses and improve the spirit. Try a new approach. Take your computer outside for a change. Spend a morning at a coffee shop instead of in your living room. Go onto a different website. Check out some blogs. Break out of your routine, and try something out of the ordinary. Hey, it might just work!

Take a Break

You deserve it. After days, weeks, or even months of fruitless searching, give your mind a break. The power of breaks--even little ones--can give you that second wind that you need to rush back into the task with renewed vigor and optimism. Enjoy a brief respite, and hit it again--harder and with higher spirits.

Enlist the Support of a Friend

Finding a job is like working out. It's no fun, but it's so important. In another sense, it's like working out because it's best done with someone else. A friend who is also job seeking can be a source of encouragement, tips, conversation, and motivation when times are tough or spirits are low. Plan to do it together. Swap locations, fix a treat, and go at it.

Although searching for a job can be a grueling process, keep your head held hight because this could be the week you find the job of your dreams!

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