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How to Keep Your Privacy Intact during Your Online Job Search

Follow these tips to keep your privacy intact while applying for jobs.

An online job search is easier than the actual process of traditional job hunting--all you need is your PC and an Internet connection. You can simply sit down at home, search all day, and find a job that suits you by the end of the day. However, you have to keep in mind that your privacy may be at stake when giving out personal information over the Internet. So, how do you keep your privacy intact while doing an online job search? Avoid online fraud and identity theft by following the steps below.

Be Vigilant

Vigilance will surely save you from future identity thefts. When posting your resume on job websites, make sure that you post them in a reputable website with positive reviews. You have to keep in mind, though, that even the largest job websites may have problems protecting the information in the user databases.

Read the Fine Print

Read each website's terms of use and privacy policy statements carefully. Finding out what each statement entails will definitely come in handy. Do not carelessly post your resume unless the site states that they will not pass on or sell your details to telemarketers, spammers and other third party job websites. Check for a list of other websites that the site you're using may be associated with. Your resume may end up on these sites, too.

Use a Separate Email Address

Consider creating a separate email address that concentrates on your online job search alone. By doing so, you prevent the spam emails that usually reach your regular email inbox. Do not be surprised or alarmed that your inbox gets flooded with spam after you give out your email addresses online. This is completely normal in cyberspace and you can prevent this from happening by creating a dedicated email address for your online job searches.

Be Careful with Your Home Address

Since everything nowadays seems to happen online, there is no need for you to give out the complete details of your home address, unless specifically required. Electronic mail has now replaced snail mail as the main form of correspondence; many employers do not need your mailing address unless you're already chosen for a final interview. A city, state and a zip code may do.

Keep Track of the Websites

Keeping track of the job websites where you post your resume is also important. Make a list of these sites, along with their URLs and log in details. This may come in handy when there's a need for you to withdraw your resume from the website.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Many of the job websites' default privacy settings are loosely applied and your personal information may end up somewhere else. Try to check if you can adjust your privacy settings and make sure that you are fully protected by identity theft and other forms of online fraud. Some job websites allow users to block certain users such as your current employer or company.

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