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How to Keep Your Kids Connected with Their Parent during Military Deployment


It is the greatest honor to serve your country. For parents, however, military deployment can be a trying time. The emotional affects on families and kids are truly unbearable. Even during times of peace, a parent must sacrifice his time to effectively meet his obligations. This can lead to an array of issues, including isolation and irreparable harm to existing bonds.

While military parents are bound by duties, they do have several options available. From letters to e-mails, strong communication is the only way parents can stay connected to kids. It is also the perfect solution to counter loneliness felt by a parent during military deployment.


Letters are still a preferred mode of communication for many families. While delivery may take some time, children can truly express their feelings within letters. Nothing is more exciting for a parent on military deployment than to receive a kid's letter. Not only does it brighten up a parent's day, it also offers the parent more incentive to get back home safely. Letters offer that personal touch that emails and other communications lack. You can include drawings, pictures and even your child's recent school reports. This enables the parent and child to remain connected, even though they are physically separated.


Sending emails is another great way to communicate. Unlike letters, they can be sent and received instantaneously. While they are not as personal as letters, a parent on military deployment can quickly access emails. You can attach drawings, pictures or even e-cards from your child. This is the perfect way to let a parent know how much he is missed. While the Armed Forces have implemented several communication technologies, mishaps can and still occur. A parent on military deployment is usually very busy. Depending on his schedule, he might not be able to respond to emails in a timely manner. In addition, some emails may be screened, forwarded or even lost while in progress. It is best to request email protocols from the base before sending any correspondence.

Internet Phones

Internet phones continue to soar in popularity. From VoIP to broadband technologies, they are the perfect multimedia tools for web conferencing. A parent on military deployment can connect with family and friends over vast networks. No longer do you need conventional phone system to stay in touch. With video features, Internet phones also allow the parent to see whom they are talking to. From their spouse to their kids, it is a great way for military parents to view birthday party celebrations. They can also see the entire family together. The kids can ask the parent questions just like at home. This technological wonder has really made the world a smaller place. This fascinating medium allows kids and parents to stay in contact during military deployments.

From traditional to modern concepts, parents on military deployment have several ways to stay connected to their children. In some ways, it can be like they never left. This not only establishes a stronger bond, it enables their kids to feel secure while their parents are away.

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