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How to Introduce a New Business Policy to Your Business Partners


If you have developed a new business policy independently from your business partners, you will need to introduce it to them before you make it a general company rule. Because your business partners have an interest in the company, however, you must present the new policy in a non-threatening or rude way. Below is advice on introducing a new business policy to your partners.

Remember that You're Not in Charge

Okay, you are in charge of the business somewhat, but not entirely. Because of this, you must make sure that you do not present a new business policy in a manner which makes it appear that you are solely in charge of the business. Your business partners are entitled to a say in how the business runs, including any policies that affect its operations, sales or other aspects. Telling your partners of the new policy could make them feel that you are not being considerate of their wishes for the business. This could create unnecessary tension between you and them. Rather than telling them about the new policy, tell them that you have developed a new policy idea and would like to discuss it.

Support the Policy

A business policy should streamline a business practice, create uniformity in the business's operations or eliminate a previously encountered problem. When discussing the new policy with your partners, discuss why you felt it was necessary to develop the policy and the problem it is intended to rectify or prevent. Supporting your policy in this way will show that you developed the policy with the business's best interests in mind, and are not merely creating a rule just for the sake of having more rules.

Be Open to Alternative Ideas

Your business partners might not share your same belief in the need for the policy or like the policy you have developed. Here again you must remind yourself that your partners have the right to disagree with you and even to refuse to implement a policy. The latter situation, however, is less likely to occur if you remain open to alternative ideas. Allow your partners to suggest alternatives or changes to the policy. Not only will this make your partners feel more involved in the policy-making process, but it just might result in developing a better overall policy.

Delay the Implementation

Presenting the policy to your business partners is just that: presenting. Do not develop a strict timeline for its implementation or make the policy immediately effective unless your partners agree. Walking in the door with a new policy to be immediately implemented can make it seem that you are uninterested in your partners' thoughts about the policy. If your partners have no objection to the policy, you can implement it immediately, but stating that you intend that to be the case at the outset of the conversation can put everyone on edge and make the policy contentious. Only discuss the policy's implementation after you and they have agreed to its necessity and form.

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