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How to Identify and Treat Severe Diaper Rash


Many causes are behind severe diaper rash. There are many techniques and products to try to alleviate and comfort the skin of a baby who gets severe and frequent diaper rashes. Diaper advice tends to be that the best treatment for regular flare ups is prevention with frequent diaper changes, gentle cleansing and air drying, followed by certain kinds of soothing and healing salves.

Contact Diaper Rash

Contact diaper rash appears as red, flat, irritated skin which sometimes blisters, peels or sloughs off. Frequently change the baby, gently wash its bottom with a non-irritating soap or wipe, and let it air dry. Then use a cream of your choice. This should be done with each changing.


Intergrigo occurs within skin creases and folds. It looks like a burn and is red. With each changing, clean the area gently and let air dry. Then use a regular white petroleum ointment made for diaper rashes.

Yeast Rash

When skin is damaged, the yeast from intestines invade skin. This may be caused by the use of antibiotics or from a prolonged rash. It is raised, red, patchy skin on the genitalia that can spread around the diaper region. Treat the entire area by cleansing gently, air drying and using an anti-fungal cream like Clotrimazole, Acidophilus or Nystatin (prescription). Apply these creams two to three times a day underneath petroleum ointment creams.


Impetigo is a bacteria based rash with small blisters or red patches which ooze into a crust. Clean the area gently at each changing. Then use a prescription antibiotic ointment underneath a petroleum based salve.


Seborrhea is marked by large, red patches over the genitalia, grown and stomach. Keep the area clean and dry, airing it frequently. Treat with 1 percent hydrocortisone two to three times a daily, over petroleum ointment. See a doctor if it lasts more than a week.


An allergy ring is caused by acidic and other foods, such as tomato-based sauces, where a red ring appears around the anus. Treat with frequent cleansing and petroleum. Discontinue any suspected foods until the rash ceases.

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