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How to Help Your Family through a Teenage Unplanned Pregnancy


There is no doubt that a teenage unplanned pregnancy can be one of the most difficult issues for a family to face. Teenage pregnancy, whether planned or not, will change the lives of not only the children involved directly, but also for everyone else in the family. If you find that someone in your family has become pregnant and it is unplanned, it's important to know how to deal with the situation in a positive and healthy way so that your family can remain strong.

Step 1: Do Not Panic

If at all possible, monitor your reaction when you hear the news about the unplanned pregnancy. Your child will need to know that you are available to support her through this process, and taking the news well is the first step toward showing that support. If possible, do not lose your temper or lash out at your child or someone else in your family. For yourself, do your best not to panic, and remember that there are many different options in cases like this.

Step 2: Accept the Circumstances

The next thing that you should work toward is to accept the situation as it is. Only when you are able to do this will you be able to consider the options in front of you in the best possible way. Do not be afraid to discuss your feelings with your spouse, partner or other members of your family, although it's important to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of those other people as well.

Step 3: Be Realistic

As you begin to discuss potential options with your child or the other member of your family, be realistic about the choices that you have as a family. Do not make promises or guarantees that you cannot or will not hold up later on. For instance, a parent should not offer to help to raise a child without first considering the full ramifications and other considerations of that offer.

Step 4: Raise Awareness of Options

Help the pregnant teen in your family to know what her options are. In addition to carrying the child to term and raising him, look into the possibility of adoption. When it comes time to make decisions, let your child make the decision that is right for her with your support.

Step 5: Instill Values

An unplanned pregnancy can be an opportunity for your child to grow up very quickly. Help her to do that by being supportive of the values or obligations that are required to raise a child. Ensure that your child does not abandon or neglect the situation, but that she deals with all of the responsibilities surrounding a pregnancy as they come up. Do not work to take care of all of those details for her, as this will not help to instill those values.

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