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How to Have a Healthy Sex Life with Kids in the House


How do you manage a healthy sex life with kids in the house? There are ways to adapt life styles and still lead a satisfying sex life with your partner. It will take a little creative planning and work, but can lead to a fulfilling end result both of you.

Simple Actions

Keep it simple. Reevaluate your priorities; you have time to eat, brush your teeth and do laundry so take time for sex, too. Go to bed early; fatigue is the biggest known passion killer. Go to bed at the same time as your partner. This way, no one falls asleep alone, leaving the other with an unfulfilled desire. Try to rendezvous during daytime nap time. Remember, sex is not just a nighttime activity. Send the kids to Grandma's for the night. 

Teach Privacy

Once children are old enough to sleep in a "big boy/girl" bed, they are old enough to begin learning that a closed door indicates privacy and respect for someone else's space. Once this lesson is established, it will allow you to avoid unexpected interruptions and relax a little.

Quiet Down

Eliminate the bed squeaks by tightening the frame, and move the bed away from the wall so there is no noise. Think about a new mattress without squeaky springs. Music works wonders to subdue any noise, as does the television.

Baby Time

Newborns will not remember any extra-curricular bedroom activity, but moving the baby to another room, even for a short nap, will eliminate the guilt. Or better yet, you move to another room for a little fun. Be inventive and playful; try a different room each time you find time for a "quickie." Younger children have earlier bedtimes so be patient until they drift off to sleep for the night.

Older Children

Older children eliminate the "once the kids fall asleep" opportunities so now is the time to firmly institute the closed door privacy policy.

Seize the Moment

Get the party started by slipping into some new exotic lingerie. Send playful, sexy texts to tease each other a little, and have a little fun with it.

The Bottom Line

The key to renewing an active sex life is being spontaneous. Live in the moment of opportunity. Appreciate the secret 20 minute sessions, and sneak in a little alone time during nap time or while the kids are enthralled with a new DVD or favorite TV show. If family lives close by, suggest a sleepover once a month and plan a date night for you and your partner. Plan a romantic dinner, a long chat and a night filled with uninterrupted love-making. Be creative.

While it might take a little planning and scheming to keep your sex life discreet, it can and should be accomplished to keep your relationship fresh, exciting, intimate and strong. 

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