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How to Have a Good Relationship with Coworkers When You Telecommute

Keeping up healthy relationships with coworkers while you telecommute calls for staying social, choosing more personal means of communication than email from time to time, and doing your best to participate in group projects.
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You got a work from home position so that you could better balance your work life with your family life—and avoid all the office drama, too. But now that you’re working from home, you sometimes feel a little isolated from your virtual teammates. There are ways in which you can have a good relationship with your coworkers when you telecommute, though. Here’s how.

Stay social

Chances are, your company has provided a way for its employees to be able to connect in a more social setting. Sites such as Yammer can allow you to show your more personal side (such as your penchant for pie baking or that you recently ran your first 5K). Even if you don’t post something new every day, you should still try to share some innocuous aspects of your life. That way, your colleagues can get to know you—and like you—both professionally and personally.

Eliminate email

Sure, you can email your coworker with that question you have about the company’s latest social media strategy, but sometimes it’s good to pick up the phone as well. While it might take more time out of your busy schedule by chatting, it can foster good feelings between you and your other colleagues. And when you need help on a particular project in the future, they will be more likely to help you out since you’ve already created a better, stronger and more personal bond with them.

Actively participate

Your boss sends out an email announcing a fun cookie swap amongst the team. Even if your first reaction is to groan and roll your eyes, take the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and pitch in—literally. By participating in fun company activities, you not only help boost the company’s overall camaraderie, but you might make a friend in a fellow colleague, too.

It’s easy to become wrapped up in a self-imposed cocoon when you work from home. So you should always look for ways to stay social with your coworkers. That way, you can have the work life balance you need from your remote job, and also develop close friendships with your colleagues.

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